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Is My Digital Automation Career Stalling?

Have you been having that sinking feeling that you just aren’t getting as much out of your digital automation role as you used to? 

The honeymoon period doesn’t last forever in any career – the first few years are usually the most ‘exciting’, and it becomes steadier as you settle into it. You start to decide what your short and long-term career goals are and what areas you would like to focus on and develop. 

However, there may come a time in your digital automation career where you have to stop and seriously consider ‘where is my career heading?’ 

As these tend to be some of the newest and most cutting edge CRM systems out there, there is a good chance that you didn’t plan to be where you are now ten years ago; your current role might not have even existed then either! 

So with this in mind, we have put together a guide for digital automation specialists who think their career might be stalling. These are the signs to look out for. 


1. You Don’t Feel Challenged Anymore 

As we work with many digital automation candidates, we often see incredible talent remain in the same role for longer than any careers advisor would suggest. 

In this sector, it is easy to feel accomplished once you have mastered your own job role, but this should not be a reason for you to stop challenging yourself. 

A lack of challenges at work can be a source of unhappiness and demotivation. A recent workplace survey found that 61% of employees who are engaged at work feel that they are challenged and that only 12% who said they are not engaged also reported not being challenged. 


2. You’ve Fallen out of Love with Your Job 

Remember how great it felt when you first landed your current role? Many of the talent we work with tell us they love digital automation because it is exciting, ground-breaking work.  

Many of our candidates have worked on automation software which has been instrumental in changing the face of the CRM sector for good – did you get into digital automation because of how exciting it felt in the early days? 

If that feeling of genuine excitement for your role has disappeared, it might not mean you require a complete career overhaul; you may have just grown apart from your current position 

When this happens, talking to a recruiter like us at Resource on Demand can help you figure out your next steps.  


3. You’ve Stopped Networking 

In digital automation, networking is one of the best ways you can get the most out of your career. If you have stopped networking, this can be a sign that you have stopped taking an active interest in your sector.  

Attending digital automation conferences can be a great way to be at the cutting edge of sector trends. 

But it doesn’t have to be as involved as this – you can network within your own company. Does a colleague have a current project that you can help with? Is there any training and development your employer can offer you? 

Even something as small as reading and sharing articles on LinkedIn can give you a fresh perspective on industry ideas you might have grown tired of. 


4. You Aren’t Thinking About Your Career’s Future

If you set out a five, or ten-year plan at the beginning of your digital automation career, have you met that goal yet?  

One of the biggest mistakes CRM and software developers make in their careers is getting to the goal they set and stopping – as if there is nowhere else to go.   

Many people set benchmarks of where they feel they ‘should’ be in their careers at certain timesthey set their own limitations and then let themselves be ruled by them.  

As recruiters, we see this often – especially the passive candidates that we reach out to. Many digital automation employees are working in the same role they were five years ago, despite having the skills, knowledge and proficiency to have moved on. 

While it might be true that you have reached the end of the line working in your particular role in your current company, this is no reason to stop thinking about the future and planning ahead for your next move. 



If the points in this article have struck a chord with you, your digital automation career might be stalling. 

In this sector, there is always scope to set new challenges within your current role. However, if you are at a point when you are thinking ‘where do I go next?’ talking to a specialist recruiter like Resource on Demand can help you to assess your next steps.  


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