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How do You Know When it’s Time to Make your Next Career Move?

The world of work is constantly developing and changing. Millennials are gradually taking over the workforce, and more graduates are finding their way into a competitive, thriving space. As the workplace around you changes, it’s not uncommon for employees to feel as though they want to develop and make changes too.  Sometimes, if you’re not feeling fulfilled by your current role, it’s not a sign that you need a career move.  After all, if you’re still passionate about the industry, then your professional focus should probably stay the same. However, unhappiness with your job could indicate that you’re ready to take your next big career move. For instance, you might want to progress to a position as a project manager, taking on more responsibilities, and expanding your current role.

Here, we’ll look at a few signs that it might be time to make your next big move.


1. You’re Not Being Challenged


Career MoveToday’s professionals have spent years expanding their skills in the world of digital marketing, marketing automation, and salesforce solutions. The chances are, when you began your new career, you had an idea of the responsibilities and tasks you’d be asked to carry out. While those tasks might have challenged you to begin with, as your talents grow and change, you might crave new responsibilities and opportunities.

If you’ve been in your position for several months, and still haven’t had a conversation about your development, greater responsibilities, and new challenges, then it might be time to seek something new. It is possible to outgrow your job, and a specialist recruitment agency can help you find a better fit.


2. The Environment is All Wrong


Perhaps the job itself isn’t the problem – but the working environment you’ve found yourself in. Sometimes, making your next big career move isn’t about finding a bigger, better role, but looking for a company culture that suits you and your needs. If you feel that you can’t connect with your boss, or you don’t feel respected by the organisation, it might be time to look for something new.

A great job is about more than just the tasks that you do each day. To feel truly fulfilled by your career, you need an environment that nurtures your passions and skills. Some signs that the culture in your current company might not be for you include:

-The way that tasks are done doesn’t fit with your specific style.

-The collaborative spirit is lacking.

-You feel unable to grow and expand in your role

-The outcomes or “goals” the company strives towards don’t appeal to you.


3. You Were Passed up for a Promotion

Career MoveBeing passed up for a promotion is a difficult experience for any professional. However, if you find that your employer is constantly promising that they are going to move you up the ladder, without taking any steps to make that happen, this could be a sign that you’re stuck in a stagnant position.

When you’re passed up for a promotion, consider setting a meeting with your boss, where you can talk about your desire to develop your career. Using our previous example, this could be to move up to a new Salesforce project manager role. If your manager side-steps the conversation or refuses to discuss anything new, then it might be time to look for a new job. There are plenty of other opportunities out there that can help you to take your next step as a sales force specialist.


4. You Know You Were Meant for More

Sometimes, after a while spent in a specific job, we start to crave more from our career. You may feel your skills being underutilised, or you may struggle to find the passion for your job that you originally had.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting to yourself that you feel like you were meant for more. Don’t be afraid to search for something better because you think that leaving your current position might be boastful or vain. Remember, that true happiness in the world of software management, automation, and marketing, comes from finding a role that really appeals to you.

Look at positions that you might be suitable for, and ask yourself whether they might deliver more reward, recognition, and satisfaction than your current role.


5. You’re Just Not Happy

Career MoveFinally, the last, and most obvious signs that it might be time for a career move are that you aren’t happy where you currently are. If you’re constantly feeling depressed, unhappy, bored, mistreated, or misunderstood in your work environment, then you’ll struggle to let your “real self” come out in your position.

If you’re dreaming of doing more with your skills or taking your talents to the next level, then it’s probably time that you started looking for other careers in your industry with the help of a specialist recruitment agency. Remember that being unhappy in one role isn’t necessarily a sign that the industry is wrong, but that you need to try something new.


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