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Looking for a new Salesforce job? Check ALL your profiles!

Are you looking for a new Salesforce job? Are you someone who is very active on social media? Are you sending off loads of applications only to find that employers just aren’t getting back to you? Believe it or not, these three scenarios may be connected.

social recruitmentGone are the days when employers would base their decision on whether to grant you an interview on your CV. Nowadays, if you’re on social media, it is highly likely that anytime you apply for a job, your potential employer will be checking out all of your online profiles and taking them into account when deciding whether or not you would be a good fit for their company. Does that sound a little intrusive? Well, maybe it is, but if it’s out there on the web, don’t be surprised if it’s being thoroughly examined by people deciding whether to hire you or not.

More and more job seekers are having their online social media profiles checked out by hiring managers. Why you may ask? They do this to gauge the type of person they’re potentially hiring and if your profile is plastered in drunken selfies or sexy snaps, the likelihood is they aren’t going to work in your favour. Put yourself in the position of a recruiter, their client is looking for conscientious and thoughtful job seekers for a position they have open. As a recruiter, you’re scanning every social media platform you can find to gauge whether or not the candidates you have are a suitable match. You have two candidates in mind who are both great matches on paper, but, when you stumble across one of the candidate’s online profiles, it contains a picture of the candidate having their hair held back as they empty the contents of their stomach into a nightclub toilet. You decide to go for the other candidate and they get the job.

social recruitmentIf you’re pretty active on social media while also having a fairly active social life, don’t let that great night last Friday spoil your chances of landing your dream job. Check your online profiles and make sure that everything on there is suitable for a potential employer to see. Social recruitment is a growing trend amongst hiring managers and job seekers looking to enter into their dream role. It would be foolish not to give their social media profiles an employer-friendly make over.

We all like sharing the great, if not slightly messy moments we enjoy on a night out, or laughing with our mates at somewhat inappropriate jokes. But if these things find their way on to your public profiles, they will hurt your chances of being picked up by an employer, so be careful.

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