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New Year, New Salesforce Role? 5 Reasons to Start Looking Now for a New Year Opportunity

Each year, many people take the opportunity to use the New Year to think about where they are in life. 

New year’s resolutions, holiday planning and deeper thoughts about career trajectories are often thrown into the mix. 

Of course, 2020 has been unique for obvious reasons, but here we are once again at the end of the year, and there is one thing that has not been affected by the pandemic, and that’s Salesforce career opportunities. 

The Salesforce market has remained incredibly stable throughout the pandemic (a testament to how strong the CRM sector is in general) and changing Salesforce roles is not the risk that some people may think it is. 

Additionally, with news of Covid vaccine success and by all accounts businesses planning to return to ‘almost’ normal at the start of 2021, this means that now has never been a better time to start looking at what Salesforce career opportunities are out there.  

So here are five reasons to start looking for a new Salesforce role now. 


1. Annual January Job Movement 

Typically, January is rife with job opportunities for the reasons I mentioned earlier, and this is one thing that the pandemic hasn’t been able to influence. 

Despite job losses in some sectors which have been grabbing the headlines, for everyone in industries which have not been negatively affected by Covid, January means new jobs.  

The Coronavirus Job Retention scheme being extended at the last minute has created buoyancy across the board. For many people working in digital roles, it has never felt like a better time to start ‘afresh’ next year.  

As reported in the Financial Times, the number of vacancies in the UK climbed steadily from August to October – there are continuing opportunities opening up. 


2. Salesforce’s Best Year Ever 

Aside from the general feeling of positivity that the pandemic has not affected world economies as severely as it was expected, Salesforce stands out as one of the major success stories of the year. 

If you are already in a Salesforce role, or if you are looking to explore roles with this company, there has never been a better time. 

E-commerce had its best year ever, with more and more businesses investing in Salesforce to help keep them connected to their customers. 

Salesforce saw growth of over 100% year-on-year at the height of the pandemic, and the second quarter figures showed an overall increase of 21%. In a world where digital transactions have become the lifeblood of every organisation, Salesforce is only set to enjoy continued success. 

The cloud giant is currently in talks to buy Slack, the remote working tool that was indispensable to businesses this year – if the expected deal goes through it will be one of the biggest software deals in Salesforce’s history. 


3. Digital Migration 

The pandemic was the catalyst that had been threatening the world for some time – that a digital migration in just about every part of our lives is entirely possible. 

Digital advancements, infrastructure changes, new digital products, services and processes have very much been the theme of this year.  

And this momentum is going to be carried forward into 2021. 

As a Salesforce recruiter, I see first-hand the gear change that is happening in Salesforce right now. If you live and breathe digital transformation – a new Salesforce role could be just what you’re looking for.  


4. Opportunities Created by the Pandemic 

The growth and change that we have seen are only predicted to be the start of a new digital revolution. The new Salesforce products and services that were created this year will be built on going forwards. 

Salesforce created Work.com in record time, an app to help customers manage their teams throughout the pandemic, and more recently, the CRM is being used in contact tracing for the virus. 

The Salesforce platform is constantly changing; just recently, hundreds of new features were released as part of the Winter ’21 update across a variety of products and clouds. 

In this sense, the pandemic has created far more opportunities within the Salesforce sphere, and for that reason, it’s an exciting time to get involved in a new team working on something special.  


5. The Benefits of a New Salesforce Role   

Finally, let’s look at some of the benefits that come from a new Salesforce role. 

  • Remote working – if you’re a candidate looking to get into Salesforce, the flexibility of these roles is undoubtedly one of the greatest benefits. It’s the ultimate remote role – Salesforce is renowned for providing their employees with the best tools to do their jobs when and where they please. 
  • Scope to flex your skills – one reason employees always cite as to why Salesforce is such an excellent career is the continual progress that the company is obsessed with. If the reason you’re thinking about a new role is that your current one is not fulfilling you and challenging you any more – Salesforce is for you. 
  • Be part of something exciting – a new job often comes after a mindset shift. Are you dreaming of an exciting new challenge? Are you ready for the next chapter in your digital career? Browse and apply for our current Salesforce roles here 



2021 is going to be a huge year in many ways for both Salesforce and the wider world. 

Are you ready to get the search for your new Salesforce role started? Get in touch with me today on 01322 272 532 or contact us here to discuss what opportunities we currently have available and how we can kick-start your career. 





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