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New Years Resolutions that Work

Blank PadNo doubt we are all feeling slightly over-indulged from the Christmas break, and possibly thinking about the new resolutions you want to set yourself. And whilst setting resolutions is great for fulfilling personal goals, they are also great for work too.

We have put together a short list of resolutions, to help bring focus for the coming twelve months.

1. This is not an easy one by any means, but we firmly believe in the fact that you should do something you are really good at and get enjoyment out of.

It is much easier to be fulfilled, happy and more productive in your work, if you get some enjoyment and reward out of it, or if you are really good at it. Ask yourself, do you know what is expected of you? Do you have the right knowledge, skills and equipment to do the work? Are you able to do, what you do best? If you answer no to any of these questions, then you should be setting your goals to turn the no’s into yes.

2. Spoil yourself. It is important for our health and well being that everyone takes time for themselves. All too often we find ourselves caught up being a manager, a professional, a mother/father etc, that sometimes you can lose sight of your own identity and your work-life balance. Take time each day to do non-work related activities and things that make you happy, whatever they are.

3. We know that happy people are usually those recognised for their contributions, and that a sense of achievement can work wonders for productivity. But you need not wait for that infrequent pat on the back from your manager. Recognising your own accomplishments is just as effective as being recognised by others. We suggest keeping records of positive feedback, thank yous and details of successful projects as reminders of your efforts.

4. Expanding your knowledge by learning or experiencing something new is great for personal growth. But don’t worry that the only way you can do this is to take expensive courses, as simply reading articles, researching on the web or informal discussions with colleagues might be enough to teach you something or broaden your knowledge base.

5. A change can be as good as a rest.  So, if you find yourself looking for that next step in your career, then don’t forget to bookmark our mobile website on your smartphone, to hear all about our latest vacancies.

6. Make sure your resolutions are goal orientated and achievable. We have all felt the disappointment as a new resolutions crumbles around you, which is why we have left this point to last. Making sure your resolutions are realistic and achievable will ensure that this will be the year that you keep all of your resolutions, which is a fantastic accomplishment in itself.

Good luck to you all and why not drop us a line with your own 2013 resolutions!!






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