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Pathways to becoming a salesforce.com Administrator

Are you interested in becoming a salesforce.com administrator?  Not sure what to do or where to go next?  Here’s the ROD guide to becoming a salesforce.com administrator.  If you have any questions just phone us on 020 8123 7769 or email us: rod@resourceondemand.com

What is a salesforce.com administrator ?

Administrators are critical to a company’s ongoing success with Salesforce.com CRM Services.  They will have a broad knowledge of Salesforce applications; and the ability to configure and manage Sales and Service Cloud applications, as well as suggesting ways for your company to get even more from additional features and capabilities in current and future releases.

Tell me more…

With an Administrator credential (from salesforce.com), you’ll demonstrate your core knowledge and your ability to take on the responsibilities of this job. It’s an important investment in your career as an Administrator. To earn these credentials, you must pass a multiple-choice exam at a testing center or in an online-proctored environment.

This credential makes you highly desirable as a candidate for salesforce.com administrator roles, and your first salesforce.com job won’t be far behind!

I don’t have experience of salesforce.com

Then let’s start with some training.  Salesforce.com provide some superb free online training; they say:

To start building your Salesforce.com and Force.com skills, take advantage of these short online tutorials. These are samples from our full Premier online training catalog, which contains more than 100 titles and is updated monthly.

Click here for free online training from salesforce.com: 

I do have experience of salesforce.com

Then the administrator learning path is the next step for you.  This is a superb track provided by salesforce.com, it will help you get up to scratch with skills and knowledge, simultaneously training you up for salesforce.com certification.

salesforce.com say:

To get started, take Administration Essentials within a month of becoming an administrator. Then take your implementation and career to the next level with Advanced Administration. Our top-rated instructors will take you through hands-on exercises, answer your questions, and share best practices from experts around the world.

Are you a new Salesforce CRM administrator? Or a veteran ready to help your company solve complex business problems and get more out of Salesforce CRM? Either way, the administrator learning path is for you. It’s the quickest way to get up to speed and to perform at your best. Along the way, prove your skills by earning an exclusive salesforce.com certification.




I’m ready.  How do I get a job as a salesforce.com administrator ?

Resource on Demand are the original and best salesforce.com recruitment company in the UK, as such we have roles available in a number of leading companies, who either use or implement salesforce.com, in the UK and beyond.  We’ll talk you through the steps needed (training; certification) and then help you to find a role ideal for you.  We never fill a role just to tick a box, so you can be assured that we’ll find a role that suits you.

We need a salesforce.com administrator, can you help?

We have a number of certified salesforce.com administrators who are actively looking for a role in the cloud, as well as developers, architects and consultants.  We would be happy to talk to you about your needs and then introduce you to some candidates, who we feel would help to drive your company forward and suit you and your company.

Just phone us on 020 8123 7769 or email us: rod@resourceondemand.com and one of our team will be happy to help.

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