//Pathways to becoming a salesforce.com Architect

Pathways to becoming a salesforce.com Architect

Are you interested in becoming a salesforce.com architect? Not sure what to do or where to go next? Here’s the ROD guide to becoming a salesforce.com architect. If you have any questions just phone us on 020 8123 7769 or email us: rod@resourceondemand.com

What is a salesforce.com architect ?

A Technical Architect would have broad knowledge across multiple development platforms, with the ability to assess the architectural environment and business requirements to design secure, high-performing technical solutions on the Force.com platform. An architect would communicate technical solutions to business stakeholders and provide a delivery framework that ensures quality and success.

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The best route forward is to become a certified salesforce.com Technical Architect; through this you’ll demonstrate your ability to architect efficient and scalable solutions, integrating the Force.com platform into the enterprise architecture. Your in-demand skills will be sought by companies who want to fully invest in a cloud infrastructure.

What would I be doing in a salesforce.com architect role?

Elements of your role would include:

:: salesforce.com™ integration and development,

:: designing solutions,

:: using the salesforce.com™ API, APEX, Visualforce and other tools that extend the product.

You will need a significant cross-platform software development background, and be able to lead a technical requirements gathering session, write functional requirements and technical architecture documents and manage integration. Different organisations would differ in how they would use an architect, but expect elements of the above.

Tell me about the certification / credential process

salesforce.com say:

The Salesforce.com Certified Technical Architect program is designed for technical architects who want to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and capabilities to assessing customer architecture; designing secure, high-performance technical solutions on the Force.com platform; communicating technical solutions and design tradeoffs effectively to business stakeholders; and providing a delivery framework that ensures quality and success. Here are examples of the concepts you should understand to pass the exam:

:: Design a technical architecture solution that may span multiple platforms and include integration and authentication across systems;

:: Manage the development lifecycle to ensure the delivery of highly secure solutions that are optimized for performance and built to scale;

:: Articulate design considerations, trade-offs, benefits, and recommendations for a technical architecture.

To apply to take the exam and become a certified salesforce.com Architect click here:

I’m ready. How do I get a job as a salesforce.com architect?

Resource on Demand are the original and best salesforce.com recruitment company in the UK, as such we have roles available in a number of leading companies, who either use or implement salesforce.com, in the UK and beyond. We’ll talk you through the steps needed (training; certification) and then help you to find a role ideal for you. We never fill a role just to tick a box, so you can be assured that we’ll find a role that suits you.

We need a salesforce.com Architect, can you help?

We have a number of certified salesforce.com architects who are actively looking for a role in the cloud, as well as developers, administrators and consultants. We would be happy to talk to you about your needs and then introduce you to some candidates, who we feel would help to drive your company forward and suit you and your company.

Just phone us on 020 8123 7769 or email us: rod@resourceondemand.com and one of our team will be happy to help.

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