//Planning for the Rebound – Here’s What Salesforce Leaders Must Consider Now for Q1 2021

Planning for the Rebound – Here’s What Salesforce Leaders Must Consider Now for Q1 2021

It’s safe to say that many of the plans we were making this time last year didn’t come to fruition in 2020. 

But with positive news about the Covid vaccine, business leader everywhere are looking to the start of next year with positivity. 

Marc Benioff, Chair and CEO of Salesforce said recently, “It’s humbling to have had one of the best quarters in Salesforce’s history against the backdrop of multiple crises seriously affecting our communities around the world. Our success in the quarter brought all of this together with the power of our Customer 360 platform, the resilience of our business model, putting our customers first.” 

So what does this mean for your Salesforce team? 

It means that growth is on the cards for Salesforce teams everywhere.  

Today we look at some of the things we can realistically plan for, and how to create success in your Salesforce team in 2021.  


Meeting Increased Customer Demands 

The pandemic has brought businesses and their customers closer together. As the great leveller, Covid-19 created the need for brand transparency like never before. 

And while this has been positive in strengthening customer relations, it has also increased customer demands – the need for a world-class CRM is greater than ever. 

For your clients, you need to ensure that Salesforce is not just working for them, but predicting their needs, exceeding expectations and surprising them every step of the way. 

Are your team continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Salesforce? 

2021 is going to be a massive year for new Salesforce products, make sure your team are ready to keep up with the speed of these recent advancements.  


Building Clients  

The atmosphere of Salesforce 2021 is growth.  

From small businesses to FORTUNE 500 companies, there are currently 150,000 Salesforce clients worldwide, who contribute to the platform being the world’s largest CRM.  

But that means that there are plenty of opportunities to build your client base.  

Presently, many businesses are in desperate need of a CRM to help stabilise and focus their efforts for next year, and your Salesforce team could be exactly what they’re looking for. 

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, focusing on lead generation and building your business next year will be a smart move.  


Customer Experience 

Customer Experience (CX) remains one of the key elements shaping the future of CRM. 

It takes a particular team to be able to deliver the best CX, with simplicity mixed with expert knowledge being key. 

Experts predict that CRMs are going to become even easier to use over time, to provide the simplest data tracking for clients. 

Are you going to be simplifying this year? How can your Salesforce team continually make things easier for clients? 


Business Recovery  

In a recent McKinsey report, the themes of business recovery for 2021 were laid out. Among them were: 

  • The future of payments and the move towards a cashless society 
  • Artificial intelligence – one-fifth of companies now derive at least 5 per cent of their earnings from AI 
  • Increased customer experiences across the board 

All of these points are where a high-functioning CRM comes into play.  

The days of winning customers by having the best products and services are over. Only the companies with hard-working CRMs will enjoy success in 2021 and beyond. 

Is your Salesforce team delivering the best possible results for clients in what essentially has been one of the toughest periods in our lifetimes? 

One of the biggest barriers to a company investing in a CRM is a lack of features. 

So, to help your clients recover, do you need to build your team with increased innovative talent? 

You will need big data experts, the sharpest AI-powered analytics specialists, and excellent managers to pull the operation together.  



So with everything here to consider – how can you ensure you are meeting the expectations of an increasingly demanding customer base? The key is to have the right team in place. 

With increased demands, your Salesforce team must be full of the best tech talent who can deliver expert CRM services in a client-friendly, specialist way.  

If you need some fresh talent for your Salesforce team, we can help.  

We can help you find the best Consultants, Solutions Architects, Developers and Managers for your Salesforce team – we’ve got the talent you need to grow in 2021. 

Get in touch with me today on 01322 272 532 or via our contact form here for a conversation about how we can help you grow your business this year. 





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