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Planning Your Salesforce Career in Uncertain Times

Uncertainty in the workplace has been a constant of late AND has stopped many career plans. 

Salesforce professionals have been taking advantage of new career opportunities for years, but what about now, in these uncertain times? 

The pandemic may be ‘over’, but its lasting effects are still present. From the Salesforce candidates we speak to regularly, a common theme is the difficulty they face planning for the future of their careers in what they perceive to be an uncertain environment. 

It’s never easy to make plans with so much happening, and changing your job in this environment can seem like a daunting task. 

As Salesforce career experts, we are here to help. Today I want to share advice on planning your Salesforce career if you are uncertain about what to do next. 


1. Overturn Your Uncertainty 



Looking for a new Salesforce role should not be taken lightly, and yet if you feel ready to move on, do not let your perception of uncertainty hold you back. 

Take the time to plan for a change, and if it has been something on your mind for a while, it would be best to sit down and write down your ‘ultimate’ career plan in stages, so you know what and where your next role needs to be. 

Having the extra time at home that comes from working in a post-pandemic Salesforce role will likely have piqued your curiosity about what other roles you could be doing from home. 

There are more remote Salesforce opportunities available right now than ever.  

Leverage your online profile, get networking, talk to a specialist Salesforce recruiter about your options to get a clearer picture of what opportunities are available to you. 


2. Upgrade Your Skills 

When you continually build your Salesforce skills, you will feel far more confident knowing that you are broadening your range of opportunities. 

Create your own Salesforce experience to learn from – use Trailblazer to build your apps, enhance your portfolio and gain that necessary experience working with the platform. 

Get hooked on learning new Salesforce skills. As a natural developer, take this skill and run with it. When you build your Salesforce skills weekly, your growth trajectory will skyrocket; this will increase your value to potential employers when you decide to look for your next role and give you the edge over your competitors. 


3. Consider Changing Your Specialist Field 



Changing fields or moving into a sub-vertical of the Salesforce ecosystem is a great way of getting yourself some exposure when considering a career move.  

Is there a field you have always been interested in that you want to explore? Think about how you can gain some experience here – create some of your work based on a field you would like to move into, or do some shadowing or volunteering to get a feel for your new chosen field. 

Demonstrating your fluidity and excelling in different fields will help you in your ultimate career plan, as this is a valuable skill that employers want.  


4. Consultancy Vs EndUser 

Your career plan will look different depending on whether you have more experience working for a consultancy or an end-user; both have their benefits. 

When you plan for your career’s future during uncertain times, looking out for stability is vital. 

If you are currently employed in a consultancy or as a Salesforce contractor which is causing you to feel unsettled, a move to a role with an end-user could be the answer. 

As the Salesforce ecosystem is so wide-ranging, it is impossible to say which side is better for stability – each role and every candidate is different. Talk to us today about switching sides in your Salesforce career; we can help you find longer-term options.  


5. Gaining Extra Credentials 



On top of your Salesforce credentials, there are other ways you can increase your employability as you plan for the future in your Salesforce career. 

As well as Salesforce certifications, there are other industryrecognised App certifications such as the project management certification PRINCE2 and independent software vendor training courses from app firms like Apptus. 


Need Extra Help Planning Your Salesforce Career? 

Planning your career to minimise uncertainty is all about equipping yourself with as many skills as possible to increase your Salesforce credentials. 

As the first Salesforce recruitment consultancy in Europe, we have helped Salesforce experts find new roles for over a decade throughout various market changes. Using our extensive knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem, we can help you plan for the future, whatever direction you are looking to take your career in. 

Get in contact with me today on 01322 272 532 or click here to contact me via email, and let’s discuss your Salesforce career’s future and how we can get you there.  





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