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Reasons to consider gaining a certification this year

salesforce certificationsAs a recruitment agency, we know that companies are always interested in hearing about certified professionals. Whether you have years of experience or have just started your career, holding current certifications is always a bonus, for many reasons. And in particular, it demonstrates to current and potential employers that you have a minimum level of knowledge.

Regardless of the size of a company, employers want to ensure they hire the best. They will be looking for levels of competency and those who can hit the ground running. What better way to prove that you are an expert in your specialist area then to gain a certification?

Deciding which certification to take

With lots of certifications to choose from, it is no mean feat deciding which one to sit first. We recommend you start with the basics or generalised certifications, which give overviews of a technology, and work your way up from there. In most technology markets look out for opportunities to gain the following certifications:

  • Certified Administrator
  • Certified Developer
  • Certified Consultant
  • Certified Expert / Specialists
  • Certified Architect
  • Certified Engineer
  • Certified Analyst / Project Manager

Reasons to become certified

There are various reasons why gaining a certification is an advantage. The key reasons include: showing your commitment to the technology, standing out from others and proving your value.

Having gained a certification, it will not only prove your ability to your employer, but it will also show how committed you are. Employers understand that gaining a certification takes preparation and upfront investment. And only individuals devoted to their technology would be prepared to do. Certifications are also great negotiation tools if you are working towards a potential promotion and / or salary increase.

Certifications can also help during the hiring process. For example most companies if presented with two almost identical applicants, are likely to choose a certified applicant over one that is not certified. The reason. Companies want to be able to confidently put your in front of their clients, and certified professional are more likely to instill confidence within the client.


Being a pursued professional is always an advantage. It means companies are willing to pay a higher salary for you to join them. Did you know that a typical Consultant without any Salesforce certifications, will earn on average £58.4k per annum? Compare this to a Consultant who holds current Salesforce certifications, who will earn on average £70k. That’s an extra 20% more for being certified.

Why not book your certification exam today?

If you are IT professional regardless of what sector is it in, whether it be within Workday, Salesforce, marketing automation, etc. look out for opportunities to gain your certifications. And to help you prepare for your exams, we have shared some handy marketo and salesforce certifications study guides.

If you have any more questions just contact our team on rod@resourceondemand.com

– The ROD team wish you the best of luck x

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