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Salesforce Community Spirit – the value to personal career development

Even after being a Salesforce Administrator for more than eight years, I still find myself constantly learning. And the place I go to most often for support and resources is not social media or the internet as a whole. Rather I have found specific Salesforce communities and forums one of the most valuable resources to provide me with answers to my queries and this is why:

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Shared Expertise: In Salesforce communities you have direct access to like-minded people who have a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise. Often they are thought leaders with some of the best knowledge in the marketplace and the best part is that they share their knowledge freely. This makes facing technical tasks much less daunting because you have others with valuable industry knowledge that you can go to for support queries.

Overcoming Obstacles: If you’ve come up against a problem as a Salesforce Administrator, there’s a good chance you’re not the only one. By sharing how you’ve overcome obstacles you can provide help to others facing similar problems. Or by collaborating you can find a solution together through your shared expertise.

Remote Project Support: When working on a project one often needs the input from others, even if it’s just to check processes or verify information. The vast amount of knowledge available in various Salesforce communities, gives you access to a broad range of expertise. By collaborating with other technical experts in your field, it can make the project far more successful than if you were to attempt everything on your own.

Crowdsourcing: Where better to get and develop ideas that within a community of like-minded industry experts? Salesforce communities are the ideal place to incubate new ideas or find ways of doing things better that everyone can benefit from. The collective power of resourcing ideas from different people in the marketplace cannot be underestimated.

Product Improvement: Service providers benefit hugely from communities of Salesforce Administrators. Now only do they provide real time support to one another. They also provide valuable information of what’s working and what’s not. What need’s improvement and what’s being really successful. As a community of users it provides a fairly accurate overview of what the industry needs or wants and this in turn helps service providers improve their product, improve their service and provide something better to the marketplace.

Communities and forums are also a great place for Salesforce Administrators to network and build a reputation within the industry. As your knowledge and experience expands, there’s an opportunity to help others by sharing your expertise. It can attract good people into your team or help you further your career when you feel it’s time to move on because it helps you to build a strong professional reputation within the marketplace. Even in terms of customer relations and strategic business development, if you are seen to be an industry expert by your peers, then it will be far easier to attract new business.

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