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Salesforce Hiring Managers: What Are They Looking For?

When looking to bag a new prized role at the company of our dreams, job seekers will often ask themselves something along the lines of “What are these guys looking for?” or “How can I make my application more appealing?” Naturally, anytime someone is looking to make a good impression and grab themselves a Salesforce interview, they’ll try and answer the question of “What do this company look for in an employee?”

In this article, we’ll be looking to explore the things that our hiring managers look for in potential recruits, that could help increase their chances of interview success throughout the recruitment process.


The obvious answer. Salesforce hiring managers are, quite obviously, looking for candidates that are mentally equipped and capable of doing the job position they’re tryingsalesforce interview to fill. If you’re unable to prove your able to do the job to the high standard required, there isn’t really much point in applying. Additionally, if you’re “too stuck in your ways” and unable to learn and grow as an employee, no one will particularly want to hire you.

Technical competency, functional, and soft skills are a must have. It is also worth noting that development skills will always be beneficial to anyone looking for employment in Salesforce companies, especially within a development or architectural role.


Employers like experience. And, Salesforce hiring managers are no different. Experience shows what you’ve done in the past and what you’re likely to be able to do in the future. It can also provide insight into your levels of commitment and career progression. Are you committed enough to stick around when things aren’t going so well? Can you be relied upon to recognise what opportunities may benefit your future career prospects? Experience is something that is likely to increase your chances of interview success for these reasons and more.

However, experience isn’t something that we’re all born with. If you’re just starting out in your career and don’t have a wealth of full employment experience, have you volunteered or done an internship? This is also the kind of experience Salesforce employers will be looking for, as it not only gives you a taste of what you could be doing, but also shows your commitment to the industry and improving the potential of your own career.

Company Fit

salesforce interviewAnother obvious one. Are you a good fit for the company? Do you work with the same ethos and passion as your employers? If you’re used to arriving to work whenever you feel like it in jeans and a shirt, then working for a company that has fairly tight rules on punctuality and attire, probably isn’t the best company for you to work for.

When employers on-board new hires, they want to ensure they will be a good fit for the team. Therefore, you need to find a company that matches your ethos or be willing to adapt to your new employers way of doing things. If you don’t fit the company culture, it seems unlikely that you’ll receive that sought-after call back.


Any employer will want their staff to be passionate about what they do and Salesforce hiring managers will be looking for people that are passionate about technology. Are you willing to go above and beyond for your employer due to your passion for the industry, or your passion to be paid? Anyone that can demonstrate that their passions are why they find themselves sitting in a room with potential employers will automatically have a better chance of securing a job, than someone that comes across as if this is just something they wanted to dip their toes into and see how it goes.


Knowledge will often go hand in hand with passion. If you’re passionate about something, you’ll find yourself wanting to know everything you can about it in order to salesforce interviewfurther yourself in that field. Job seekers that are constantly staying up to date with technical skills, certifications and the latest goings on within the industry will stand out from the crowd. Those that don’t, won’t. Have you done your research into the company and the competition? You would be surprised at how many people are asked this during interviews and become completely stumped because they neglected to adequately research their potential employer and their competitors.

Knowing what an employer wants is dependent on the role. But after reading this blog you will know the key things that Salesforce hiring managers look for in potential new hires. If you would like too see our other guides for job seekers, see the full resources section. Or, contact one the team via rod@resourceondemand.com or 0208 123 7769 for more advice.

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