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Should you work from home?

Remote workingWorking from home can sound very appealing to many individuals. And if you are one of the many people who are thinking of asking your Manager about working from home, it always helps to have a compelling reason for wishing to do so. However, your Manager or the company can refuse the request if it might have an impact on the company’s or your performance.

As a leading recruitment company, Resource On Demand work with a variety of people across the whole IT industry, some who enjoy working from home and others who vehemently dislike it. From conversations we have with job seekers, they have commented that remote working can be lonely and isolated. For individuals who perform best within a team environment, or who are relatively junior, working form home is likely to be a big turn-off.

On the other hand, some individuals, feel that without work environment distractions they are far more productive and performance increases exponentially. But, to be able to work from home, you need to be self-motivating, self-sufficient and highly organised.

If you are fortunate that your Manager is happy for you to work from home, then take a look at our quick guide below, to set strict boundaries and ensure your success.

Quick guide to working from home:

  • Have a dedicated work space / station that is clear from homely distractions
  • Ensure software and device are up-to-date and in good working order
  • Maintain updates, upgrades and security on your mobile devices
  • Have set working hours, where family and friends know you are off-limits
  • Set daily / weekly goals to keep yourself motivated
  • Take regular breaks
  • Create your own structure, so you can be productive as well as available if someone in the office needs to get hold of you within the ‘office hours’
  • Keep yourself focused with lists, or by blocking time in your day to perform particular functions
  • Don’t let work spill over into personal space or time
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