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The Cold Hard Truth About Counteroffers in the Tech Space

The marketing automation landscape is so buoyant right now, and there are endless opportunities for great B2B and CRM talent such as yourself.  

During our search for marketing automation candidates, we often see great people tempted to stay in roles they have outgrown for an offer of a better salary and benefits package.  

As James Caan states in his LinkedIn article on the subject of counteroffers, the vast majority of employees who decide to accept a counteroffer leave the company anyway within six months. 

However, is taking the counteroffer ever a good idea for your tech career? The truth is, probably not. In this article, we discuss why accepting a counteroffer has the potential to disrupt your marketing automation career, more than you could ever imagine! 


Why Now Is a Good Time to Think About Your Marketing Automation Career 

Right now is an excellent time for your marketing automation career. As the sector enjoys a time of growth, new job opportunities are being continuously created. 

The latest statistics show that the industry is growing 30%+ annually, with a trajectory that shows no signs of slowing down.  

The predicted global amount spent on marketing automation by 2023 is $25.1 billion up from $11.4 billion in 2017 – that’s double the amount growth in just six years.  

So, believe us when we say – now really is the time to consider where your marketing automation career is heading. 


Is It Your Company You Want To Leave, Or Your Role? 

If you’ve got to the point where you have applied for and secured a new role within a different company, there must have been a catalyst for this. 

However, is it the company you have outgrown, or your role? 

If the problems that have led to your unhappiness in your current role stem from the company, a counteroffer will not change this. 

Problems such as a poor work-life balance due to an overly demanding schedule, unpleasant working environment and poor management will all still be there after the novelty of the counteroffer has subsided. 


It’s Not About the Money (Or Benefits) 

Usually, a counteroffer made by your current employer will be based on one area – a compromise of a higher salary and better benefits. 

If your decision to leave was based purely on your unhappiness with these two areas and you are offered a better salary package, then well done – you have achieved your goal. 

However, in our experience, there are usually other motivations behind the decision to leave. 

According to Fortune, two of the main reasons people leave their jobs are long hours, and boredom. There are usually other factors at play, too; people often cite poor management, lack of scope for training and development and the wrong cultural fit.  

Have you fully considered whether you initially wanted to leave because you believed your marketing automation skills and knowledge deserve a higher salary? 

A higher salary will not fix problems such as a lack of career progression or unchallenging work. If your reasons for leaving run deeper than your salary, this brings us on to… 


A Counteroffer Will Be CounterProductive (To Your Career) 

Accepting a counteroffer to stay in a position you are unhappy with is not a good idea in terms of career progression as it could disrupt your career 

Your colleagues and manager could lose trust in you when they find out that you were planning to leave, which can damage your working relationships and lead to less involvement in company projects, too. 

Additionally, staying in your role after a counteroffer can make you more at risk of being shunned and ostracised, which can stagnate your career.  

A counteroffer is sometimes used as a stalling technique to give the company more time to find your replacement, the bond of trust will have been broken and going forward your relationships with colleagues will never be the same. 


Looking to the Future 

As outlined in this article on Forbes magazine, it has never been a better time to develop your marketing automation career, and we believe this means saying ‘no’ to the counteroffer from your current employer. Instead, focus on where you want your career to go, and set about making it happen – for this, we can help. 

Our job as technology recruiters is to find the best candidates for upcoming tech roles, and we maintain strong relationships with our candidates so that we can help them at every stage of their career. 


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