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Three Digital Marketing trends to watch in 2017

Who would have been able to predict that the biggest digital trend of 2016 would be Pokemon Go? As evidence, in almost all categories it was the most searched for topic on Google in 2016.  This Digital Marketing Trends 2017bizarre trend shows just how innovative the field of digital marketing can be, so what’s next in 2017?

  1. Written word set to make a comeback

While video has a reputation for taking marketing ideas viral, content marketing is still one of the most important digital marketing trends. Added to that email marketing is making a strong comeback, highlighting the value of the written word. The ability to create good content is what will set top digital marketers apart from the rest.

  1. Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

This is all about improving the website customer experience and translating it into real revenue. It uses data and analytics that are readily available from most content management systems, but that are often overlooked by businesses. Split testing is one example of clarifying which marketing efforts are producing the best results in terms of CRO. It’s time to dig in and start using those analytics tools.

  1. Virtual reality & augmented reality

Virtual reality is tipped to become the next biggest content marketing tool. As tech giants introduce VR devices so the consumer demand on these platforms is likely to increase. In 2016, Jaguar used VR to promote its sponsorship of thee Wimbledon Tennis Championships and won the Steve Wozniak Award for Tech Excellence in 2016 Masters of Marketing. In terms of augmented reality, 40% of customers were willing to pay more for a product if they could experience it through augmented reality. For tech savvy retailers this represents a massive marketing opportunity.

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