//What’s your goal for the New Year?

What’s your goal for the New Year?

New Opportunities2016 is fast approaching and we are all looking forward to some time off for the holidays. And with the New Year soon upon us it is time to begin thinking of what resolution to set.

A resolution is a goal you set yourself at the beginning of the year, something you want to achieve. Some make theirs about trying something new, or to go a whole month without drinking alcohol, or not to work too late every evening, or to have a work-life balance so they can be home at the weekend.

But with more and more companies looking for professionals who hold current and up-to-date certifications, why not make your resolution to gain one? Gaining a new certification could help in your job search, or assist with getting the promotion you have always wanted.  And comes with the added benefit that you might even realise an extra 5% earning potential.

If you are considering gaining a new certification, then look at our study guides to help you prepare for them. However if you are looking for a new opportunity or a new hire, then contact us now and one of our consultants can talk with you about some opportunities we have available or what professionals we know that could be interested in a position within your company.

Whatever you decide for your New Year’s resolution, we wish you luck!

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