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The 5 Signs of a Great Employer Brand

Finding and retaining high performing talent is not easy. As the technology world grows more competitive, wouldn’t it be great to have Salesforce Architects, rather than the other way around?  

Employer branding is an organisation’s opportunity to refine their reputation and attract new employees. While this concept is not new, automation tools and social media have begun to transform the market in recent years. Now, more companies than ever are starting to uncover the values of great branding.  


Why Is Employer Branding Important? 


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A recruitment brand strategy is about convincing your recruits that the job opportunities you have to offer are the best around.  

If candidates believe that your software testing position, salesforce role, or digital marketing post is perfect for their career plan, then they will do whatever it takes to become part of your team. This means that you can: 

  • Make up for lower remuneration: If you are frequently missing out on hires because you do not have the budget to match competitor salaries, an appealing employer brand might help. Today’s job seekers look for more than just salary when applying for a profession. They want to feel happy and comfortable with the company they choose.
  • Retain employees for longer: A strong reputation communicated clearly within the recruitment process will let tech talent know what to expect from your business. This can reduce the risk of early turnover.
  • Save time and money: It takes less time to fill a vacancy if your employer brand is up to scratch. Candidates with the right skills and experience will track you down, meaning you can build your team faster, boost productivity, and start seeing the impact on your bottom line.  


The Challenges of Building a Great Employer Brand 

In a recent publication called the “Employer brand study“, researchers found that the biggest concern organisations face today is an inability to attract the right talent. More than half of the respondents listed “recruitment” as their ultimate challenge.  

While branding can support the hiring process, companies first need to define and consistently promote the right image. “Maintaining a positive public image” is another worry for tech groups.  

The question is how organisations can build a brand that effectively attracts talent, then maintain that reputation for the long term?   

The following best practices might be the answer.  


1. Developing Strong Company Goals, Culture, and Values 

A great brand begins with solid foundations. Leaders and decision-makers need to determine what they want their business to be associated with. To begin, write down a brainstorm of words connected to your venture, asking yourself: 

  • What’s your purpose as a professional institution? 
  • What do current employees value in both the company and themselves? (Perhaps you offer the best cloud tech training?) 
  • What are your accomplishments? (You might have the best salesforce tech on the market) 
  • What is your vision? 

Once you have a list of things that make you special, focus on a select few to define yourself as an employer.  


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2. Creating Compelling Employee Stories 

When potential hires begin planning their careers, they sometimes look for stories about other successful professionals that they can resonate with.  

Promoting the stories of your top employees on your social and online pages can help you to demonstrate what you offer applicants in your field. It also gives existing staff members a voice which can make them feel more devoted to the business.  

Consider sharing case studies about how your Salesforce manager accessed new technology to make your organisation more efficient or ask people in your team to share their personal stories on LinkedIn, Facebook, or a corporate blog.  


3. Improving Communication  

Clear and open communication is crucial to any venture. If you’re not sure what compelled your current hires to work for you, ask them what they love about your brand.  

Listening to the praise and complaints of your staff can help you to cheaply and effectively solve the problems of maintaining a strong and authentic image. It also demonstrates that you respect your hires, which makes them feel more engaged at work.  

Direct communication builds the most honest, and sustainable employer brands.  


4. Making the Most of Technology

As a tech enterprise, it only makes sense that your institution would make the most of the digital tools available today. Ask your digital marketing team for help building a commanding presence online and remember to make the most of social media.  

Ideally, every touchpoint you use to interact with possible applicants needs to be synchronised to ensure you are presenting a consistent employer brand.  

Look for ways to continually convince high-performing recruits that they belong to your team. For instance, share corporate whitepapers, show off some of your employee benefits, or simply allow your team to recommend you on social platforms.    


5. Optimising the Onboarding Process


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Finally, a great employer brand cannot be all talk and no action. From the moment someone agrees to join your team, show them how much value you must bring to the table.  

During the onboarding process, introduce candidates to the unique benefits they can get with your brand. Showcase the wellness programme you have in place to support your tech talent and introduce any training opportunities you might have.  

As you welcome new talent into your team, reinforce the belief that they have made the right decision to come and work for you.  


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