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The Top 10 Cloud Songs

They say that every song tells a story.  So that got us thinking, could the ROD team tell the story of moving to the cloud with only 10 songs?

Allow us some poetic license with these as we use lyric, song titles and romantic notions to get the message across.

Listen to the entire playlist on Spotify while reading about Cloud songs.

Here goes:

1. Tied to the 90’s – Travis
Lyrics: “We’re tied to the 90’s…we’re tired of the 90’s.”

A down tempo song that reflects the fact that so many companies are still using systems they were using over two decades ago.  Antiquated systems, data stored on a server in the corner of a room, spreadsheets emailed back and forth or banded round on a USB stick.  Tied to the 90’s yet fast becoming tired of the 90’s.

2. Show me what I’m looking for – Carolina Liar
Lyrics: Save me, I’m lost…I’ve been waiting for you; I’ll pay any cost; Save me from being confused; Show me what I’m looking for.

A cry for help.  So many firms and individuals know that fixed data systems are not the way forward, yet the cloud can still be perceived as an enigma.  We still need to work on communicating better what the cloud actually is – and we’re not talking about “private clouds”.  There are so many options out there; but for fear of making the wrong decision many companies stagnant in their decision making.

Let’s make it easier to understand the cloud and show them what they’re looking for….

3. We’ve got to get out of this place – The Animals
Lyrics: We gotta get out of this place, If it’s the last thing we ever do, We gotta get out of this place, there’s a better life, for me and you.

Never a truer word spoken.  Need we say more.



4. Window in the skies – U2

The moment when clarity hits and the potential of Cloud Computing is realised.  Cloud Computing – a window in the skies.

Aside from that, arguably U2’s best song.  Other contenders from U2 include:

:: Beautiful Day

:: Last Night on Earth

:: No Line on the Horizon

5. On my Cloud – Olly Murs
Lyrics:  Get up
Get on my cloud
Lift your feet right off the ground
Nothing gonna stand in our way
Get up
Get on my cloud
I’m not gonna let you down
Let’s make it happen today
I’ve been busy doing nothing
And it’s starting to show
But let’s turn nothing into something
Get yourself together and we’ll leave the world behind

Did ever a song lend itself so beautifully to a Cloud Computing top 10 song list?  Let’s pretend that this song is about being introduced to Cloud Computing and that a company is implementing salesforce.com – it can’t possibly be about anything else!

Good job Olly – wait for the call from the salesforce.com Superbowl advertising team!

6. Welcome Home – Radical Face
Lyrics: The backs of my eyes hum with things I’ve never done…I’ve come home.

The moment that the company launches their new cloud system.  Welcome Home.

No more fixed I.T. systems.  Collaboration, Security, Lower Costs, Syncing documents, cloud systems, Chatter, salesforce.com – things I’ve never done…I’ve come home.

7. Little Fluffy Clouds – The Orb
Lyrics: The clouds would catch the colours everywhere, its neat…little fluffy clouds.

A fun electronic track, all about ‘little fluffy clouds.’  A relaxing uptempo track…about cloud computing.

8. Digital Love – Daft Punk

Digital Love.  A song title that perfectly encapsulates those who spend their time in the cloud.

New cloud system = A more productive worker + a more efficient company + a cost-effective solution + a happy CEO = Cloud Love (or in this case Digital Love.)

9. There is a light that never goes out – The Smiths

Our hypothetical company are now enjoying the experience of not having a server that keeps on going down; they now have a system that updates itself centrally without each computer needing a technician to fix it; a solution that is available for your company whenever you need it.  No more server resets and lost data.  A light that never goes out.


10. 10/10 – Paolo Nutini
Lyrics: Oh, I love you more than you can know…ten out of ten.

A celebratory carnival tune entitled ‘10/10’, the undoubted review that a cloud convert would give to their new system.  A joyful rhythmic tune, which (for us) conjures images of a board doing the conga around their board-room as they realise the benefits of Cloud Computing.

10/10 for cloud computing.

Songs that just missed out on a top ten position:
The back to the future theme tune
My Cloud – Gil Scott
All day and all of the night – The Kinks (a song about up-time)
Happy up here – Royksopp
A design for life – Manic Street Preachers.

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