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Accurate Thinking and Are All Recruiters The Same? #NO

Visit any online career forum, and it’s likely you will experience ‘recruiter’ bashing at its best; or should that be worst; I think you get my drift.

The reality is that all business sectors have organisations that don’t represent the ethics and ideals of the majority and the recruitment sector is no different. Though in honesty we do get wrongly accused of underhand activities.

Recruitment is all about people – which means emotional responses

When it comes to the importance of career progression in our lives, it is well recognised as a potential stress inducer. If you check out

the Holmes and Rahe stress scale (two well-known psychiatrists that developed the original stress research data), death and divorce are logically at the top of the list; yet not too far away are the challenges of changes in a work environment and trouble with the boss.

It’s no wonder then that recruitment organisations get the blame, usually unjustly when the recruiting process breaks down.

Human beings are exactly that. Human.

We are all, like it or not, at the effect of our emotional drivers. Landing that new perfect role is all tied up with our self-esteem, ego and, for many of us our fear about how well will we look after our nearest and dearest.

So is the online gossip about recruitment really true?

Let’s use some accurate thinking

There is a well-known phrase that Dan Kennedy the global marketing expert refers to called accurate thinking. It relates to validating the data that is all around us and reviewing what is fact, fiction or frankly over exaggerated.

Let me give you a couple of examples.

The other day I was surfing on Facebook and a couple of meme’s shot past me. They caught my eye because of the claims they were making.

They related to the impact drinking water has on our body. Now they may have been correct. However, there wasn’t a reference?

Being the analytical thinker I am I dismissed it, though the other 67,000 who liked it and the 5,000 people who shared it were obviously convinced.

It’s common, isn’t it? Incorrect unsubstantiated data posted on the web.

I saw a post on LinkedIn that apparently up to 90% of  CRM roles posted online are fake ?? Says who? Where is the evidence?

I know you aren’t taken in by this and just in case

Let’s be frank here any professional must carry out their own due diligence when it comes to managing their career or building their team; I will shares some ideas in a minute.

Think about it.

The people we work with understand the consulting space. Consultants make life easier, don’t they ?

It’s probably a reason why consulting is one of the fastest growing business sectors globally.

Therefore doesn’t it make sense to utilise the services of a professional consultant when it comes to a key life decision like developing your career?

The Fedex moment

…. one final thing before I share some ideas.

Over the years FedEx has used a number of marketing straplines the most impactful being “ relax it’s FedEx.”

It’s related to a common driver we all have.

When something is really important, we don’t want to make a mistake. Using this human driver has put multiple millions on the bottom line for the FedEx corporation.

Spoiler alert: When an organisation has a key role to fill they almost ALWAYS use a professional specialist recruitment partner. Why? Because they can’t afford to make a mistake and their time is precious.

How do you find the right recruiting partner?

Short answer: Multiple ways.

Referral and recommendation are always a great first step. Let’s be honest as customers we aren’t backwards about coming forwards if we have had a negative experience with a supplier, are we ?

Ask around your friends and connections as a first start.

Google your roles and especially sales force recruitment agencies/companies in the UK. It’s the same on all the social platforms too.

Do they have a presence online? Do they have an active blog and do they share useful content consistently?

An important part

Pick up the phone and have a conversation. It’s vital.

Do they understand the market and have connections? What is their knowledge base? How do they approach the conversation with you? Does their professionalism shine through or do they fail to make an impact with you?

For instance, at ROD we carry out a career consultation with our candidates. Why? We are in it for the long term.

The truth? You will quickly get a handle on whether that particular recruiter or method is for you?

Good luck!

Resource On Demand (ROD) is Europe’s first specialist Salesforce Recruitment Agency. They were founded in 2007 and are highly respected across the entire Salesforce ecosystem. Their specialist areas of recruitment include; Salesforce (SFDC); digital marketing and marketing automation technologies, which include Eloqua, Marketo, ExactTarget and Pardot; Human Capital Management (HCM) technologies such as Workday and SAP HCM and SuccessFactors.

For more information contact ROD on rod@resourceondemand.com or on 020 8123 7769.

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