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App Review – iThoughts

iThoughtsHDLast month we asked Theresa Durrant, a fan of mind-mapping to try out the iPhone App – iThoughts. Mind-mapping is where you come up with a central concept from which other ideas grow and branch out.

This is what she had to say about the popular App:

“iThoughts is a great piece of software that is user-friendly and intuitive.  With it you can make notes, expand your network, introduce peers; outline, organize and brainstorm new ideas straight from your i-device.

It has a free-flowing interface, that helps you to connect random ideas to find creative solutions, which can be used in any situation.  And as someone who tends to scrawl notes on scraps of paper, I found this a much better and alternative way to collaborate on thoughts, without interrupting the creative process”.

So, if like Theresa, you are a fan of mind mapping to come up with creative ideas, then this is an ideal App that you can use in any business scenario, and will particularly suit those who are a fan of ‘blue-sky thinking’ or ‘white-boarding’ ideas.

Also with, iThoughtsHD for iPads.

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