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App Review – Membership Admin

This innovative out-of-the-box app from Corner Software, uses the Salesforce.com Platform to take managing on-line registrations, memberships and payments to the next level.

Built to cater to UK based membership organisations, it controls payment access to an integrated ‘Members Only’ website, making this a great tool for organisations, societies and associations where you have paid for membership access. Plus, it uses some of the standard Salesforce.com email and template features making it easily customisable; so definitely a fantastic starting point as a potential billing system for partners.

This app also provides on-line members with access to a private social network with activity stream, friends, forums, groups and private messaging, making it possible for members to interact and support each other.

Other keys benefits include:

  • Payment Processing for Direct Debit / Debit Cards
  • Paperless and automated Direct Debit Mandates
  • PDF Invoices email straight to the members inbox
  • BACS Report Process, to enable you to identify and fix problem accounts
  • Automatic reminder for expiration and renewal of memberships

Salesforce Platform App Review Demo

Click here to watch the on-line demo.