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Are There Critical Skills Gaps in Your Post-Covid Salesforce Team?

Having access to skilled Salesforce professionals is something which many companies struggled with, even before the pandemic. 

According to the World Economic Forum, there are set to be 133 million new roles generated within the Fourth Industrial Revolution by 2022, with Salesforce roles representing a significant part of these new tech skills.  

Salesforce remains such a significant part of the automation landscape. Salesforce jobs have grown by 50% annually for the last five years, with another five million jobs expected to be created over the coming five years.  

While this is excellent news for those looking to grow their career in this area, it creates a challenge for employers looking to source the best talent; it can often feel like opportunities are being created faster than you can find the talent to fill them. 

And the Covid-19 pandemic has only accelerated these challenges; the unexpected shake-up to the CRM world has meant having new and essential skills is even more critical in your Salesforce team than ever before.  

Today, we look at where the skills gaps could be in your Salesforce team and how to overcome these new talent challenges. First, let’s look at how the pandemic is changing Salesforce teams. 


Salesforce in Our ‘New Normal’ 

Anyone who works in Salesforce already knows that no two days are the same, and this highly flexible and adaptable way of working has been incredibly beneficial for Salesforce talent throughout the pandemic.  

Working from home, working to highly changeable schedules and always pushing to get the best results in a changing landscape – these skills have been essential over the last few months, and they are skills which Salesforce employees are already equipped with.  

But with more than a third of consumers shopping online weekly since the pandemic hit, the importance of robust online retail processes and managing customer relations are at an all-time high. 

The recent Global Connected Consumer Index Report highlighted how Covid-19 has impacted online retailers and given clues as to what retail sales processes will look like in our life after Covid. 

The report found:  

  • 54% of respondents report that sales and deals are the most valuable communications from brands right now. 
  • 76% of individuals want real-time app and email updates on changes or delays to their purchase. 
  • 64% say privacy is more important than online experience. 
  • 80% of shoppers expect to continue digital communications with their favourite stores over the next six months. 

Confirming everyone’s suspicions, the pandemic has only increased consumer interest in communicating with their favourite brands, and so businesses CRM systems have never been more essential. 

As the most popular CRM system in the world, Salesforce is proving to be instrumental in our post-Covid world. 

But it’s time for employers to now think about the skills that they have in their teams. First, let’s look at how Salesforce talent ecosystem is working right now. 


Trailhead, Pathfinder and Talent Alliance 

The skills gap within the Salesforce sphere exists primarily because the ecosystem is so large; it can be challenging to find employees with the right skills in the volume needed to help your business to grow.  

Salesforce has a first-rate training ecosystem in place, which over the past few years has been instrumental in the growth of the company. Many of the top-performing Salesforce employees, such as the few hundred CTAs there are in the world are self-taught via the Trailhead platform. 

Employing self-driven learners is a strategy which is always useful in growing your Salesforce team, and one which as a Salesforce recruiter, we always look out for in top candidates.  

Additionally, employees who have come from the Pathfinder or the Talent Alliance programmes will add value to your team; let me explain why. 

Candidates who have come from the Pathfinder programme are equipped with the Salesforce skills needed right now, which they can utilise in addition to their previous training. Salesforce’s Pathfinder programme has been specifically designed to provide talent for organisations struggling to locate talent for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  

Salesforce realises the importance of a diverse workforce, which are proven to strengthen teams and improve results; diversity and inclusion is something which must be a part of any recruitment process in 2020 and beyond. 

Salesforce’s Talent Alliance is focused on creating a diverse Salesforce ecosystem; Marc Benioff has said of this programme, “As we build the economy of the future, we must bring along the workforce of today. Salesforce is committed to empowering people from every background with the skills they need to build careers and thrive in the digital economy.” 

Are you championing diversity and inclusion in your Salesforce team? Employing employees with skills from a wide range of backgrounds is a must for any employer looking to enrich their team with a variety of skills.  

So as you can see, there are many opportunities to employ Salesforce talent who will really make a difference to your team now, but as we know, it’s not always that easy. There can be many barriers to finding the right talent, such as time constraints, and especially now in our newly-remote world; recruitment is proving to be an issue for some employers.  

This is where the help of a dedicated Salesforce recruiter becomes invaluable.  


The Missing Skills: How to Source Top Salesforce Talent Right Now 

Since the pandemic outbreak, our services as a specialist Salesforce recruitment company are being called on increasingly.  

We are finding that Salesforce employers are looking for the following skills right now: 

  • Innovation – employees who push boundaries and naturally create solutions for novel challenges  
  • Adaptability – the ability to work to a high standard in constantly changing situations 
  • To think like a Salesperson as well as a developer 

Are you looking for new Salesforce talent which ticks all of these boxes? If so, we can help. 

Get in contact with us today to find out how we can source you the Salesforce talent you need in an increasingly competitive marketplace. You can get in contact with us about your current recruiting needs by calling us on 01322 272 532 or send us a message here. 





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