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Attracting Salesforce Stars: Does Your Employer Value Proposition Need a Reboot?

We’re in the midst of a digital skills crisis 

In a post-pandemic world, where customers are increasingly discerning about who they do business with, companies need access to professionals who can help them become more customer-obsessed. The ability to leverage leading CRM and sales tools like Salesforce ensures companies can deliver the kind of meaningful, personalised experiences clients are looking for. 

Unfortunately, finding the right Salesforce talent is becoming increasingly complex.  

Alongside the significant skill shortage facing the current marketplace, companies are also dealing with the challenges like the Great Resignation creating greater talent gaps and changing employee priorities. 

The only way to keep your talent pipeline full is to ensure your EVP is up to scratch. 

The Importance of Employer Value Proposition 

The Employer Value Proposition, or “EVP”, is the set of unique benefits you can offer the Salesforce candidates who choose to join your team. Studies show that 83% of employers believe their EVP impacts their ability to hire talent. What’s more, companies that effectively deliver on their EVP can reduce turnover by 69%.  

However, the EVP that worked for you in the past might not be enough to attract the right talent today. Currently, market leaders like Gartner are revealing that employee priorities are changing, with more professionals are now searching for evidence of empathy and a focus on wellbeing from their employer. The benefits you focus on when positioning your job opportunities to candidates may need to change going forward.  

If you haven’t updated in the last couple of years, now could be the perfect time to reconsider the strategies you’re using to connect with top talent. Here’s how to get started. 


1. Audit your Current EVP 

Start by assessing your existing employer brand and the benefits you use to engage your Salesforce team. You can examine your current EVP in various ways, such as speaking to your existing employees and asking them what they like most about working for your brand or what they rave about on social media.  

It’s also worth looking at the benefits you highlight in your job descriptions. Are you still focusing too heavily on things like salary and benefits? How frequently do you discuss things like flexible working opportunities or education in your job posts? 

Other ways to assess your EVP include: 

  • Reading reviews left by people on channels like Glassdoor and review sites. 
  • Searching for mentions of your company on Salesforce forums. 
  • Looking at the kind of content you post from your website and whether it relates to trending concepts like Diversity and Inclusion or employee wellness. 


2. Become more Human-Centric 

According to Gartner, the most important trend companies can be aware of when building employer value propositions today is focusing on more human-centric leadership. While remuneration and benefits are important to Salesforce staff, professionals are becoming increasingly concerned about how their business leaders will look after them.  

Your Salesforce candidates want to see evidence that their employer understands their needs. You can add more “human” elements to your EVP by focusing on things like: 

  • Wellbeing: How do you support the wellness of your existing employees? Can you implement mental and physical health programs for your staff members and promote the good health of your teams on your website or social media? 
  • Flexibility: Can you offer some of your Salesforce employees the opportunity to work remotely or in a flexible environment? How easily can team members change their schedules when they need to address personal commitments? 
  • Ethics and social responsibility: How is your business committed to making the world a better place? What kind of communities and charitable groups are you involved with? Employees like working for bosses who share their values.  


3. Invest in a Future with your Employees 

Your employer value proposition shouldn’t just attract the best Salesforce talent to your team – it should also help keep your staff members around by showing them a future with your company. 

Employees are more engaged by and committed to companies who invest in their long-term development. With that in mind, let your Salesforce staff know how you will help them pursue their Trailhead certifications or take part in Salesforce events.  

You can highlight the kind of training initiatives you have in place for your employees in the job descriptions you post. It’s also worth encouraging your staff members to share their learning experiences online, either through blogs on your website or social media. 

Investing in your Salesforce candidates’ skills won’t just improve engagement and enhance your employer brand; it will also ensure you can continue to compete in a changing marketplace. 


4. Give Your Employees A Voice 

Increasingly, employees are looking for opportunities to work for companies where they can maintain a sense of power. Your Salesforce staff want to feel as though they’ll be valuable members of the team when they join your company. You can show them this will be the case by ensuring your existing staff members have a voice.  

Encourage your employees to post about their learning experiences and growth with your company through your website blog or on your corporate social media account. Ask staff to advocate for you on employment forums like Glassdoor or chat positively about your business to other Salesforce employees at Trailblazer events. 

Remember, candidates trust a company’s employees three times more than the business itself when it comes to credible information about company culture.  


5. Get Help from the Pros 

Finally, if you’re struggling to figure out what will appeal most to the Salesforce candidates you want to reach, consider speaking to the professionals. A dedicated Salesforce recruitment company like Resource on Demand will have a deeper knowledge of what candidates in your industry are looking for.  

A great Salesforce recruitment team can even work with you to tailor your job descriptions, so you’re showing a unique side of your Employer Value Proposition when trying to reach different kinds of team members. 

Aside from offering advice, your recruitment partner can also ensure your employer brand is getting in front of the right candidates by presenting your company to candidates searching for the best possible employment options. 


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