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What “Cloud” Star Performers Need from an Employer to Consider Switching Jobs

Success in today’s fast-paced digital world starts with hiring the right teams. Top-tier talent is a crucial investment in your company, essential for helping you to build the environment and processes that will lead to long-term growth. The only problem is, most of the best professionals on the market are already working for a different brand or considering switching jobs.  

This means that companies don’t just need to attract job seekers from the recruitment world, they also need to actively engage the people they need within other business environments too. The question is, how do you create a company that’s strong enough to poach expertise from elsewhere in the industry?  

First, you’ll need to learn what your star performers expect from their employers.  


1. Talented People are Drawn to Growth


Switching Jobs


Cloud experts live in a world of constant development and agility. Often, that means that they need employment that offers constant opportunities for evolution. If you can outline a clear path for your employee’s future from the moment they join your organisation, then they’ll be more likely to abandon a stagnant position for you. 

Technology candidates want career mobility and development. If your business is going through a period of growth, expanding to new areas, or investing in new technology, this could be particularly exciting to someone with a tech background. Highlight your vision when advertising for new candidates and show how you’ve evolved in recent months.

2. Cloud Stars Want a “Personal” Approach

Delivering advancement opportunities for new recruits isn’t just about promising your experts a bigger salary, or the chance to earn a promotion. Today’s tech masters want a thoughtful, and person-centred policy for progression. Establishing an environment that’s all about helping each hire achieve their personal goals may be the key to attracting talent from other organisations.  

Take the time to get to know your potential employee, even before they join your team. For instance, you might consider speaking to them on social media or invite them for an informal coffee. Here you can explore what’s important to them about their next career move, the company they will work for, who they are managed by, what they aspire to career wise.  You can explore  exactly what they’re looking for, such as: “Do you prefer to work alone, or in a group?” 

Another example of how you could appeal to cloud employees with “personalised” work solutions is by asking them what kind of software they like to use. Though this could mean that you need to invest in new tech for your organisation, that investment may be less costly than having to re-train your new candidate.

3. Make Flexibility Part of the Status Quo


Switching Jobs


Authority figures in the cloud world want to see a route for growth within a new organisation, but they also want flexibility. In fact, they crave this feature so much that they may be willing to switch employer for it. One global study found that 74% of people want to work flexibly, whether that means telecommuting, flexible hours, or other work arrangements.  

If you approach employees from other businesses with the opportunity to pick their own hours, work according to their own schedules, and even spend more of their time at home, then you may convince them that you have just the opportunity they’re looking for. It’s worth taking the time to find out what your ideal hire wants from their role before you begin offering the world, of course.  


4. Be an Industry Innovator

Cloud technology is one of the biggest features in the current trend of digital transformation. This means that the people who are drawn to this world are often excited by the chance to experiment with new skills, ideas, and upgrades. With that in mind, consider building your business on a framework of constant progress.  

While you might not be able to afford to invest in all the latest tech for your brand, that doesn’t mean that you can’t send your staff to courses, events, and conferences where they can learn more about what’s happening in the space. Since 69% of IT pros say they’d happily leave their job to advance their skills, opportunities for education can be the perfect way to make your company more magnetic. 

What’s more, since cloud technology is always changing, it makes sense to offer training solutions that suit your hire’s career plan. Professionals in this sector who don’t update their skills can quickly lose track of the industry.  


5. Learn How to Showcase Your Company


Switching Jobs


Ultimately, attracting talent from other companies in your space will require you to showcase an employer brand that’s impossible for experts to resist. This means finding out what the experts in your space are looking for from a position and highlighting the aspects of your business that suit their hopes or expectations.  

Your specialist recruitment agency will help you to understand a little more about how you can appeal to the right kind of employee. However, in the technology sector, you’ll need to highlight all the elements mentioned above to attract the best skills, from flexibility to innovation.  

Create a profile for yourself on social media websites like LinkedIn, and make sure that you have a constantly-updated, good-looking website, as it’s common for professionals to start their job search online. You can even ask your existing employees to advocate for you online and help you build a reputation that constantly brings the right experts to your door.