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Communication Mobile Apps are the sweet spot

Mobile Business AppsWhether you are a business owner or an employee, one thing is clear, we have a bond with our mobile devices that is too strong to be broken. And as such, we are demanding more and more from our mobile apps, namely perfection. Apps, that fail to meet expectations are simply getting left behind. In fact, the number one reason that apps are deleted from mobile devices is because the app either has major glitches or does not perform as advertised.

So what kind of mobile apps, seem to be getting us all excited?

For starters, any apps that increases communication, seems to take top priority. Particularly among small business professionals, as they can help improve employee collaboration and improve connectivity between business departments and customers. However, when it comes to big hitters, none come much bigger than Mark Zuckerberg who was recently seen justifying why Facebook spent $19bn on acquiring WhatsApp, the cross-platform mobile messaging app.

We are also expecting to see a rise throughout 2014 of business-to-employee apps. Last month you may recall we mentioned that Brainshark Inc, the leader in cloud-based business presentations, had launched Brainshark for Salesforce Work.com, on the Salesforce AppExchange, which boasts the ability of tailor-made training catalogues for sales reps. Along with popular gamification apps, incentivising and rewarding performance, seems to be at the forefront of business owners minds.

Next on the list are apps that enable easier monitoring and visibility of performance. Delivering statistics and adoption in real-time. The ability to locate bottlenecks, which are usually hard to find, helps to increase business performance, efficiency and therefore cost savings.

As we see enterprise mobility gaining valuable ground, so too are we seeing a shift in how cloud services and SaaS providers, are adopting mobile apps as part of their core service offerings.