//Creating a Common Cloud

Creating a Common Cloud

On October 28th the BBC News reported that seventy firms have recently joined together to create the ‘Open Data Alliance Centre’ in order to push for “unified standards” across the technology cloud.

“The Alliance’s Cloud 2015 vision is aimed at creating a federated cloud where common standards will be laid down for those in the hardware and software arena.”

The catalyst for this body is the fact that the number of people using services online is expected to explode within the next few years and something must help cope with this increase. It will also assist keeping up to speed with the constant fast change in equipment, “The advancement of technology is growing at such a rapid pace where we have gone from a PC to a laptop to a netbook to a tablet in the space of not very many years,” said Marvin Wheeler, Alliance chairman and chief strategist for cloud services provider Terremark.”

Sounds like a cloud boom is forecast. Are you ready for it?

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