//Customer Engagement (Part 1)

Customer Engagement (Part 1)

The Software Years
Everyone wants to provide a good customer service and B2B marketing is improving all the time. Technology is one of the main reasons for this. As a result more and more businesses are now utilising software applications to engage with customers and clients.

Companies such as Salesforce.com and Pegasystems are selling software to drive the sales cycle and manage the client relationship. Digital customer experience is the new focus for B2B sellers this year. According to the ‘2015 State of B2B Marketing’ report, the top areas for spending are marketing automation, content marketing, mobile devices and social media.

Pegasystems recently announced important changes to their Pega Sales Automation software, which will be put in place to significantly increase success at every phase of the sales life-cycle. These added features are great for both internal training and direct sales. Pega Sales Automation is an application that supports various B2B, B2C and B2B2C situations, with quick selling in an integrated application.

Salesforce.com on the other hand is a popular CRM system that creates reports, dashboards, lead generation and much more. Over 100,000 of the most innovative companies use Salesforce to help improve their sales and service processes.

There are many benefits to using customer engagement platforms, such as:Customer Engagement (Part 1)

  • Enabling companies to provide customer service and support across multiple channels. In the technology driven society we live in, people want to engage in a way they feel familiar with
  • It provides a better quality service for non-complex solutions, as customers aren’t kept waiting on calls when they need support and can use social media to find assistance or answers to their questions
  • It enables businesses to reach a larger audience quickly and gain instant response and feedback about new products and services

However some companies have fallen foul to relying too heavily on engagement platforms to disastrous consequences, such as the backlash that American Airlines received due to their irrelevant automatic customer responses. This is why individuals and consumers still value human contact when they have issues or complaints. In one of our next articles we will take a look at the benefits of H2H customer engagement.




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