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Disruptive Mobiles Apps – Part 1

It is estimated that by 2017, there will have been 268,692 million mobile app downloads worldwide. Hence the reason that technology innovateurs are looking to the mobile app world for inspiration.

We watched one such person, Ian Finley, Research VP at Gartner talk about the ten mobile apps that are changing the world, in terms of how much impact they are having in the way people live. His research was carried out by around 950 Analysts from around the world, and looked at what apps in their part of the world are changing the way people are working with computers and each other.

1. Twitter / Facebook are credited with bringing people together as a mass, as with the Egyptian revolution in 2011. Media has predominantly been controlled by the government or authorities, but is now becoming increasingly difficult for them to control and influence the populace. Whilst both of these apps started off as desktop applications, they are now predominantly mobile and as a result government officials or companies no longer control broadcast media.

2. Amazon Price Checker scans barcodes and gives the price of that product on Amazon. It is moving price competition wars from the high street retailer to being online. Competition from other retailers is now happening right inside the store where the customer is. End users are guaranteed a great experience, because they are sure they are getting the best price possible. The downside being, that it is creating ‘show room environments’ where you can try before you buy, with the high street retailer footing the bill.

3. Angry Bird Magic Places by Rovio is a game you play on your mobile device, that includes ‘power ups’ when you visit certain places, such as McDonalds. It is a game that allows fun elements but also drives you to make purchases. The principle focus is on making people happy by entertaining them.

4. Race Yourself goes one step further in driving behaviour. This is a Beta versionmobile apps Google Glasses app, that is a race against time, where you are being chased by characters (i.e. zombies or a virtual version of yourself). The idea is that when you are working out you are pushed to work harder, or do better than you did during your last training session. It turns work into play and injects a fun element, by allowing you to tap into intrinsic rewards.

5. Mobisante may seem like it is straight off the USS Enterprise, but these powerful apps turn your smartphone into portal medical devices. By attaching accessories to your phone, you can pick up ultrasound that is then converted into images. It allows healthcare to be done out in the field where it matters, such as in developing countries or on the battlefield. It also gives us the ability to replace expensive medical devices with much cheaper powerful apps.

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