//Do and it’s done

Do and it’s done

We still don’t know much about what Do.com will be, but Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff tweeted this week about the service, confirming for the first time that it is in fact a Salesforce.com property. Benioff wrote: “Do.com is salesforce’s new app to get work done with anyone. Sign up to be the first to receive an invite.”

Earlier this year Silicon Angle wrote: Do.com sounds like a logical fit for Manymoon, a hosted project management and collaboration service that Salesforce.com acquired earlier this year. The domain currently serves as a landing site for this productivity app simply called “Do.”

CRN write: Manymoon is a darling in the Google Apps Marketplace as one of the most downloaded applications. A team collaboration application, Manymoon calls itself a “the social productivity platform for managing projects and tasks.” Through its Google (NSDQ:GOOG) Apps integration, San Francisco-based Manymoon uses a social networking platform that lets users attach Google Docs to tasks, projects and events; add project information to shared Google Calendars; and Gadget for collaborative task management in Google Sites. The free application integrates into existing e-mail and features built in security while giving users a single pane view of all projects and tasks.

Whatever do.com turns out to be, one thing is clear: Salesforce.com is continuing to expand its offerings. Just earlier this month Salesforce.com confirmed its acquisition of hosted help desk provider Assitly. Salesforce.com is juggling a lot more balls recently, which on the one hand can mean less focus on its core CRM application, but with the size of the organisation they can still manage this, but expansion and a wider focus on web apps can mean better infrastructure and stability for a slew of other services being integrated into its platform. There’s no doubt about it: Salesforce.com is a giant in the Web services industry.

Watch this space.

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