review launched a few months ago. Since then we’ve had the chance to play with it and really put it through its paces. This month Mark (who works in Marketing at ROD) gives us his thoughts on

Firstly, I must admit to being incredibly unimpressed by when I got an early invite. It looked, at first glance, like a basic to-do list. Why was this different, there are hundreds of productivity apps out there, is it better (for example) than rememberthemilk?

But knowing and loving, I gave it a go and after playing with it and really using it for work, I’ve been won over.

Three things I love

:: syncs effortlessly with my iphone, ipad and browser;

:: You can convert notes into a task. Perfect for post-meeting organisation;

:: It has comments sections on each task. Ideal for discussion within a task – further ways to reduce inbox clutter through collaboration!

Three things it needs

:: A like button on the comments section, like on chatter. It allows an acknowledgement and signalled that you’ve read and approved a comment.

:: An actual iPad app, rather than an iPad optimised site.

:: Further integration with Google Calendar (through Google Apps), so you can sync your task deadlines with your calendar.

Have you used it?

Use the comments box below to let us know what you think of, we’d love to know.