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Future for Data Scientists is safe…for now!!

Data ScienceThe future is certainly bright for Data Scientist, as technology is currently too limited in order to replace the capabilities of humans, particularly with things like science principles and best practice.

And whilst many start-up companies are trying to find the golden goose application, that will enable them to automate the process for discovering data patterns, they are too far removed to take over from human intuition, creativity and input.

So, what can we see down the road for the Data Scientist?

Resource On Demand’s CEO, Lee Durrant, had this to say, “Technology is a vital tool in the Data Scientist toolkit. It enables them to manage vast volumes of data and get data ready for analysis at a much quicker rate, than ever before. We are expecting to see a real proactive future taking shape for Data Scientists in general. It will be about the ability to use technology to delegate workload, and drive the principles for analysis, so that we humans don’t have to do the work ourselves. And with business internet transaction expected to reach 450bn per day in the next 6 years, companies are going to be demanding even more from their Data Scientists, which in turn will mean a greater demand on the technology we currently have, and how we need to shape it for the future”.