3 Ways to say “Thank you”

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde

If you’re already thanking people, you’re doing something right. If you’re not, you might want to start now.  Research says that a company will lose between 45% and 50% of their clients every five years. But by keeping your client base happy you will not only reduce the cost of having to find new clients, but it will have a much more positive impact on your bottom line. In the world of IT recruitment we have plenty of opportunity to say thank you. For instance we will say thank you to a HCM Consultant who turns up for an interview; we say thank you to our HCM Hiring Manager’s for choosing to use us; we say thank you to our suppliers for keeping our business running smoothly, and we thank our employees for their contributions and effort.

And it’s never too late. If there is anyone you need to say thank you to, do it now! And make it a habit.HCM Consultant

Loyalty for your customers

It’s impossible to show gratitude to all of our loyal HCM Hiring Managers on a daily basis. So instead, we find the time to give an over the top delightful experience once in a while and really show them we appreciate and are committed to our partnership.

If you struggle with the same thing, why not set up a loyalty program for your clients? You could use a simple point system for frequent customers whereby they earn points, which translates into a reward for them.

A letter goes a long way

Treat loyal customers and employees like family members. Take time to recognise the things that matter to them, such as career achievements, their birthday or maybe they’ve reached a milestone, such as length of service or how long they have been doing business with you.  A letter of thanks, a birthday card or congratulation card shows that you are grateful for what they have done.  It’s only a small gesture, but goes a long way to establish a solid bond.

A simple “Thank you”

Sometimes, a simple, “Thank you” means the world, so, just say it.

Here at Resource on Demand we have a great time celebrating our teams passion for the love of what they do. The expertise and respect our HCM recruiters have for their candidates and clients is really incredible. They live and breath sourcing the perfect HCM Consultant for our HCM jobs and vice-versa, so we love to show them how grateful we are, in the simplest way possible, a thank you!

So, if we haven’t said it already. To all of our clients, candidates, employees and suppliers – we say “Thank You”.

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