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How Artificial Intelligence will impact today’s business

The real strength of Artificial Intelligence lies in its ability process large and complex amounts of data far more effectively than humans. It enables repetitive tasks to be automated and seeks out more efficient ways to sort out and process information – and then make it more easily available to its human counterparts.

With this in mind, we’d like to look at specific challenges faced by job seekers, employees, hiring managers and HR departments and look at ways in which artificial intelligence can make people’s lives easier.

HCM Technology making the screening process easier

It’s well known that many job seekers apply for jobs they really aren’t qualified for. This makes the initial screening process very time consuming for recruiters as they sift through hundreds and sometimes thousands of CV’s and applications to find a pool of suitable candidates to move forward with.

By analysing applications, Artificial Intelligence can seek out key words that align with the job specifications and create a shortlist for recruiters to review in more detail. It can also send immediate notification to the applicants notifying them if they have been successful in getting through the first phase of screening.

Using Artificial Intelligence to enhance Candidate Engagement

AI assisted HCM technology such as SuccessFactors can be used to engage with candidates both during the recruiting the process and after they are hired, freeing up managers for more complex tasks. Part of this can be scheduling follow ups with the candidates, getting them to provide feedback on the interviews and the new job experience. This data can then be analysed to provide valuable information on ROI and attrition reflecting how effective the recruitment process is.

While personal onboarding training is valuable, the volume of information can be overwhelming. Artificial Intelligence can be used to engage with new hires to reinforce learning, find out where they might need help and provide additional resources to support the onboarding process.

Customised learning

When hiring for a specific technology, training can be customised to not only the technology, but also to the candidate’s preferred learning style. Through analytics it can be determined what type of training suits different people and the presentation or teaching method can be adapted accordingly. This is especially useful for e-learning programs.

Employees can also have the freedom to advance their personal knowledge by opting in to additional training programmes and this information can be recorded in the HR database. This information can be useful when looking to promote internally or conduct performance reviews.

Artificial Intelligence supporting HCM Technology

Basic HR tasks such as managing leave, salaries and employee benefits can be supported by AI by incorporating Chatbots to answer basic queries or provide more detailed information from aSuccessFactors Artificial Technology company database.

Scheduling is another area where Artificial Intelligence can enhance workflows, by checking calendars and emails, multiple diaries can be co-ordinated for interviews and meetings and booking conference or training rooms.

Employee Evaluations & Customer Data

Artificial Intelligence provides analytical tools such as voice analytics which can be used to improve multiple areas of operations from customer queries through to technical issues. By analysing incoming customer calls, key problem areas can be quickly identified and company resources can be diverted to solve the issue quickly and efficiently.

In customer contact centres, voice analytics can be used to analyse agent calls and establish where there may be gaps in support or knowledge. Instead of managers having to listen to hours of calls, voice analytics can flag only key calls which managers can then listen to in depth.

Operational support and enhancements

The power of Artificial Intelligence is to be able to integrate with a number of industry technologies and through complex algorithms, help manage processes or provide detailed analytics that can be used to support business functions.

Artificial Intelligence is already being incorporated into SAP’s SuccessFactors to help flag potential bias in tasks such as performance reviews or job applications. As AI advances it’s likely to be incorporated into more HCM Technology to help improve company efficiencies.

While many employees have concerns that they may soon be replaced by robots and automatic processes, there are as many work opportunities within these emerging technologies. Data programmers and analysts will be needed and there is still a massive shortage of skilled people in this field. Furthermore, the primary focus of AI at this stage appears to be on assisted management and decision making rather than looking for ways to replace employees entirely.

The many benefits that Artificial Intelligence can provide businesses and the increasing array of applications means it is here to stay. And it is likely to grow into a highly technical and advanced field of business. Embracing the technology can enable businesses to increase their competitive advantage, and for job seekers to enhance their future career prospects.

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