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How Successful Salesforce Talent Get Promoted

How long have you been in your current Salesforce role? Two years? Five – or even longer? 

With statistics suggesting that four years is the perfect time frame to stay in one job before moving on, is it time you started thinking about getting promoted? 

The good news is this – Salesforce is one of the most straight forward companies in terms of promotion for those who want it; it’s just a case of deciding what you want and then going for it. 

But will merely working hard get you that promotion you want? There are other factors at play, too – and the savviest employees know what traits to exhibit to continuously move their Salesforce careers forward. 

Whether you’re looking for a promotion within your current company, or plan on moving organisations to get that more experienced role, there are specific strategies you can use that will help. 

I work closely with Salesforce candidates who are at the stage of their career where promotion or progression is their primary goal, and helping these individuals into more advanced positions has given me indispensable insight into what Salesforce employers are looking for from the talent they promote. 

So, let me shares some of this knowledge with you – here are the strategies ambitious Salesforce talent use to get that sought-after promotion or more experienced (and higherpaid) role. 


Excelling in Your Current Role 

Firstly, the primary sign that your manager will consider during the question of your promotion will be how well you have performed in your current role. 

Whether you have performed consistently in your end-user role, or have recently taken the lead and delivered success for a new consultancy, pushing your boundaries to excel in your current position will alert your manager to the fact that you are prepared to go above and beyond what is expected of you. 

Going out of your way to consistently meet (and overachieve) your targets requires a little more effort than some are prepared to give, but it is worth it in the long run when you are called on to be considered for a new project or to help deliver a new Salesforce feature to clients.  

Working hard to prove yourself to your manager will lay the foundation for your progression, so once you have confirmed your place in your manager’s mind as being dedicated to your career, it’s time to take it a step further. 


Drive and Ownership 

The beauty of Salesforce, in my opinion, is that there are so many options available to developers, project managers, data engineers and architects, salespeople and managers who chose to work under the Salesforce umbrella. 

Exhibiting drive and ownership of your role within the Salesforce ecosystem is critical in positioning yourself as a suitable candidate for the next promotion in your department.  

Working your way up through the Salesforce badges rank is as easy as you want to make it – with the help of their online platform, Trailhead. 

Using the learning and development tool to earn Salesforce badges, you can drastically increase your chances of promotion by earning more badges that your colleagues, and also earning badges that are in short supply, such as Building a Branded Chat, Custom Metadata Types and Application Lifecycle Management. 

Earn the rarest Salesforce badges, and this transforms you into the type of candidate that every manager is looking for – the candidate with the most in-demand skills. You can see a full list of of the rarest Salesforce badges here. 



The Salesforce ecosystem is like one huge extended family. This is a claim that is made by many different organisations, but the thing with Salesforce is that it’s true. 

In other sectors, getting promoted, or applying for a high-profile, in-demand vacancy can often mean stepping on someone else’s toes, or having to deceive your colleagues to get to the top. 

Collaboration, sharing ideas and pooling collective knowledge and experience is what Salesforce is all about. Not to mention that the platform is growing at such a rapid rate (in 2019 Salesforce was number #39 on the Fortune 100 fastest-growing companies in the world, and was recognised as the second fastest-growing brand in the world) so there is a definite feeling that promotion prospects are not limited – professional growth is available to all Salesforce employees if they wish to seek it out.  

Networking to advance your Salesforce career is not a case of checking out the enemy – building a strong network of Salesforce connections will only strengthen your career prospects.  

There is currently a skills shortage in many in-demand Salesforce roles. Connecting with your Salesforce peers at conferences, and even online is sometimes all it takes for you to be recognised as the indispensable talent your potential new manager is looking for. 


Working With a Recruiter 

Finally, a word about the success that Salesforce talent has when working with a dedicated recruiter versus going it alone.  

Recruiting in Salesforce is different from the rest of the tech sector, so don’t be surprised if you decide to work with a general tech recruiter and they don’t fully understand the intricacies of your Salesforce role. 

Only a specialist Salesforce recruiter like Resource on Demand will intrinsically understand your role, and your current place within the ecosystem, your potential career prospects and possible upcoming vacancies that will suit you. 



If this article has got you thinking about your Salesforce career, and you would like to discuss your optionsget in touch with us today. We have some of the longest-standing Salesforce ecosystem contacts and knowledge, and we can help you progress your career. 


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