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How to Adapt to Working with a Retained Executive Search Recruiter in a Candidate-Driven Market

A pivotal executive search placement can mean the difference between success and failure in your CRM organisation. 

However, increasingly, Salesforce and other cloud computing businesses are having to battle it out for the very best candidates. Hiring managers are frequently left thinking ‘where have all the great candidates gone?’ 

Because of the candidate-driven market, we are finding that clients who need to fill executive roles are favouring our executive retained search service. More and more, as recruiters, we have to tap into the passive candidate market to find the right person for the job, especially when it comes to CIOs, CTOs, and VPs. 

How can using an executive search recruiter help you in the candidate-led market? We will explain all in this article. 


Candidate Shortage 

Despite the ongoing Brexit uncertainty, levels of UK unemployment fell to a 44-year low earlier this year. 

Low levels of unemployment mean only one thing for businesses – for every job opening they have, there are fewer and fewer candidates to choose from. Financial observers have noted that in the current candidate-short market, employers are hiring workers to meet demand, rather than investing in productivity-boosting technology. 

Employers everywhere are struggling to meet demands for all levels of workers, so finding highly skilled Salesforce and digital automation candidates like Technical Consultants, Technical Leads and MVP’s is even more of a challenge. 


Why Retained Executive Search is so Important in the Tech Space 

Aside from the UK’s low unemployment level, tech companies are faced with the added pressure of the accelerated growth of their industry.  

Tech businesses are growing at a rapid rate. Tech Nation’s recent report found that scaleup tech investment is 2.5 times higher than expected, with total venture capital investments in UK tech companies topping £6.3bn – more than any other European country. 

The report also revealed how the UK is a hotbed for tech talent, employer 5% of all global high-growth tech workers, ahead of Japan, France and Indonesia. 

This perfect storm of a candidate shortage, coupled with the natural growth of the tech sector, has left many businesses struggling to fill crucial roles. 


What is it Like Working with a Retained Executive Search Recruiter? 

If your company has never worked with an executive search recruiter, you might be wondering what it’s all about. 

At ROD, our retained executive search service is the highest level of partnership that we offer to clients. Thanks to our years of Salesforce recruiting experience, we have industry contacts above and beyond those a general recruiter has available to them. significantly being the firstever dedicated Salesforce recruiter in Europe, we have industry connections that go further back than anyone else in the game. 

You should expect that your executive search recruiter not only has access to executive candidates who are not actively searching for a new job but that they have the level of recruiting knowledge and experience to capture their interest.  

Ask your executive retained search recruiter about the details they include in their executive search – how strong are their industry contacts? How effective are they at selling a new job role to a ‘cold’ candidate? For example, ROD founder and executive search consultant Lee Durrant has 17,000 followers on LinkedIn; it is this level of influence you should be looking for in your retained executive search recruiter. 


Retained Executive Search for Your Talent Pipeline 

We believe that working with a retained executive search recruiter is the best way to future-proof your tech organisation, as your recruiter acts as your partner, working consistently to scout for talent for your company. 

As we have mentioned – there is only a limited amount of high-level tech candidates out there. The benefit of using a retained rather than a contingency search means that your recruiter will be able to build you a strong talent pipeline so that the potential damage of having an executive role left open for an extended amount of time is reduced. 

A great recruiting process is a consistent one. It should be less about hiring one person at a time, but making sure that you have a quality talent pool to help drive your business forward when it needs it most. 


What Next? 

Adapting your recruitment process to align with the candidate-tight market is something we highly recommend. Read our testimonials page to see what our previous clients have said about working with us. We believe that finding a recruiting partner you can trust with the future of your business is an invaluable tool. 

If you have struggled with your recruiting in the past, but have never worked with a retained executive search recruiter like ROD, get in touch with us today. We will be able to talk you through our process and how it can be of benefit to your tech business. 


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