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How to Choose a Tech Recruiter that Produces Results

The technology sector is becoming an increasingly complicated space for recruitment.  

Skills shortages leave companies struggling to find the right talent to support their teams, while candidates search for employers that can help them reach their career goals. Whether you’re a job seeker or an employer, it pays to have the right support on-hand. 

A specialist technology recruiter like ROD gives you the insight and assistance you need to maintain an edge today. The question is, how do you choose a recruiter that’s guaranteed to deliver results? 

Start by looking for these crucial traits.


1. Specialist Knowledge of the Industry



As the IT industry evolves at rapid speed, the only way to make sure that you’re getting the best opportunities is to work with a recruiter that understands the sector. Specialist technology recruiters keep their finger on the pulse of their chosen space so that they’re always aware of the latest trends.  

A recruitment team that understands your technology niche, whether it’s big data, cloud computing or IoT, will make it easier for candidates to find roles that take advantage of their full skill set, and businesses to engage employees with the best emerging competencies. Look for a specialist that: 

  • Has experience placing people in your industry 
  • Knows the lingo and can speak about technology fluently  
  • Has existing connections in the technology community.  


2. A Comprehensive Recruitment Process

The best recruiters are rarely the “yes” people who tell you what you want to hear. An excellent technology recruitment company will be able to tell a hiring manager when they’re asking for too much in their job description or being too vague with their interview questions 

For candidates, a tech recruiter will be able to give feedback on their application strategy, CV, and the way they interact with potential employers. These people are partners in your hiring process, and they’re there to provide you with honest, constructive criticism when you need it most.


3. Excellent Communication Skills



Recruitment often relies on communication. Your hiring team needs to be able to articulate themselves face-to-face, over email, and over the phone. Both clients and candidates expect to remain “in the loop” throughout the recruitment process, so it’s important for recruiters to provide them with plenty of updates as the search continues.  

Additionally, remember that excellent communication isn’t just about speaking, it’s also about listening. Your recruitment partner will need to listen to your needs carefully and make suggestions if necessary, about how you can achieve your goals. For instance, if you need to attract a new generation of technology leaders to your team, your recruitment company might suggest upgrading your development strategy and working on your employer brand.


4. Ability to Work Under Pressure

Now that the fourth industrial revolution is here, technology is an incredibly competitive space. As countless companies strive to attract the same talent, it’s essential to ensure that your recruitment team can perform well under pressure.  

Make sure that the company you work with is capable of multi-tasking, managing strict deadlines and maintaining their confidence in difficult circumstances. Recruitment professionals must know how to sell both their clients and candidates to the other party and show them what they need to do to achieve their goals, no matter how challenging the marketplace might be.


5. Going Beyond Technology



An excellent recruitment partner knows how critical the right technology skills are in the tech sector, but they also know that they need to go beyond these basic requirements when getting the ideal fit for their candidate or client. For instance, 32% of employees who leave their jobs voluntarily say it’s because of a lack of career development opportunities.  

For a candidate, the best tech recruitment team will look for more than just a match between the CV and job description; they’ll also consider the person’s long-term goals, what kind of company culture they’d thrive best in, and which organisations offer the best benefits. For clients, excellent recruitment teams assess both technical skill and attitude, finding potential employees that will thrive in an existing team. 


Finding Your IT Recruitment Partner 

Choosing the ideal person to help you make the most out of your career, or business isn’t easy, but it’s crucial in today’s technology space. Just remember that you’re not just looking for a recruiter to make those initial connections between candidate and client. 

The best recruitment teams are with you for the long-haul. They make sure that candidates settle well into their roles, and that businesses have what they need to establish a strong talent pipeline. With a recruitment specialist by your side, you’ll always have what you need to excel in the tech sector.  


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