//How to ensure higher staff retention?

How to ensure higher staff retention?

What motivates you


People very rarely think about what truly motivates them at work.  But rarer still, do they get asked by their line manager.  Understanding what makes you fulfilled at work and discussing this with your line manager, is the perfect recipe for success and happiness at work.

We recently carried out a poll on what motivates people at work, and surprisingly a staggering 62.5% of participants said they felt more motivated by stimulation within their work, ahead of promotion, pay rises and security.

new skills


The results also showed that around 60% of individuals found the opportunity to work on new and interesting projects is a great motivator, to create variety, prevent boredom and skills stagnation setting in, and purposely seek out jobs that will fulfill this need.



As a manager knowing what keeps your employees happy will ensure that you not only meet the basic needs of security, but also meet the more inspirational needs as well, and will guarantee better staff retention, which is good for the whole company.

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