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How To Get Your Next Salesforce Promotion

If you’ve recently returned from summer vacation with new ambitions, or you’re looking ahead to the second half of the year with a focus on growth, a promotion may be on your mind. As a Salesforce expert, you know your skills are in high demand, and many employers are working on their retention strategies with new opportunities for staff.  

However, even in this skills-short marketplace, it’s important to know how to request a promotion in the most effective way possible. Approach the process the wrong way, and you could ruin your chances for a fantastic future career.  

Whether you’re eager for your next pay rise, keen to take on new challenges, or simply ready for the next stage in your Salesforce path, the following tips should help.  


Step 1: Learn What it Takes to Get a Promotion 


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Every business has its strategy when it comes to promoting employees. Some companies only offer promotions at certain times of the year, such as when they’ve assessed their financial documents and redefined their budget. Others are willing to offer promotions at any moment, provided the employee proves themselves to be worth the extra investment.  

Knowing how your business approaches promotions will help you to plan your strategy successfully. Start by assessing the other team members in your organization who have received promotions in the past. What did they do to position themselves as the ideal candidate for a better role? Did they get their promotion immediately after achieving a business goal, or did they have multiple meetings with business leaders before transitioning? 

Talking to your employer can be a good step here too. Ask what you would need to do to prove yourself worthy of a promotion, and you’ll show you’re committed to delivering the results your leadership team wants.  


Step 2: Build a Business Case for Yourself 

While most great companies know offering promotions and internal development is important for engaging their staff, they also know how expensive a promotion can be. With this in mind, you need to be able to convince your employers that you’re worth the extra investment.  

Building a business case you can share with your employer during a one-on-one meeting is an excellent way to improve your chances of success. This presentation should include insights into your recent accomplishments and your impact on the business. You can also include information on how you plan to continue increasing your value through trailhead courses and education to expand your Salesforce skills.  


Step 3: Work on Your Relationships 


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To earn a promotion, you often need to position yourself as a valuable and indispensable team member. While your Salesforce skills will make a huge impact on your worth in a company, it’s also important to consider your relationships with the other people in your business.  

Developing strong relationships with your team members and other staff members will make you seem like a more dedicated part of the team. It’s also a great way to get other people to advocate for your promotion when you present the idea to your manager. 

Building relationships with your team members and helping them accomplish their best work will showcase your leadership skills and make you a more appealing option for new positions. Start by communicating with your colleagues regularly and getting as involved as you can in the team. 


Step 4: Constantly Search for Ways to Show Value 

The more valuable you are to your business, the more willing your boss will be to promote you to keep you within the team. There are various ways you can demonstrate how valuable you are as a Salesforce professional. For instance, start by looking for ways to make your supervisor’s job easier by becoming more independent and taking on more responsibilities.  

Ask your manager for tips on how you can bring in more revenue for the brand, or make suggestions yourself based on what you know about the Salesforce ecosystem. Your unique knowledge and expertise can help push the business in the right direction to achieve its goals.  

Don’t be afraid to go above and beyond the call of duty at times too. Volunteering for extra tasks, working as the lead on a project, and even investing in additional training in your free time all show how dedicated you are to the business.  


Step 5: Avoid Common Mistakes 


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Finally, it’s easy to fall victim to common mistakes when looking for a promotion in your Salesforce role. For instance, while comparing yourself to others who have achieved promotions in the past might seem like a good idea, it takes the focus away from you and the value you can offer. Other mistakes to be aware of include: 

  • Not doing your research: Knowing the state of the business and whether your company is dealing with any financial issues at the time can help to prevent you from asking for a promotion when the timing is off. Do your research before you ask.  
  • Getting emotional: If your employer initially says no to a promotion request, don’t get emotional and start threatening to leave unless you plan on seeking a new job. Stay professional and calm, and ask what you can do to change their mind. 
  • Failing to present your idea correctly: Don’t just send a quick email to your boss asking whether you can have a promotion. Arrange for a face-to-face or video meeting where you can discuss what it takes to be promoted in your company.  

If the steps above don’t work for you, and you can’t see a future where you can move into a better role in your business, it might be time to look elsewhere. Work with a specialist recruitment company like Resource on Demand to find the right opportunity where you’ll be appreciated for your skills.  





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