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Integrating Salesforce with Accounting

As an avid user of all things SaaS, we love the idea of an app that makes keeping track of finance information within Salesforce.com easy, so needless to say we were quite excited by the release of Breadwinner, last week.

Xero is a popular SaaS Accounting package, with a low monthly subscription forSalesforce Integration unlimited users and appears to be taking the UK by storm with already over 50,000 customers. But, up until the release of Breadwinner, users of Salesforce and Xero, would have experienced difficulty syncing financial information between the two systems, but this is no longer the case.

Companies can now use Breadwinner to integrate Salesforce with Xero, which will automatically import invoices into salesforce enabling companies to view due and paid invoices, track overdue payments for each account, and use the native reporting tools in Salesforce, to view the company’s financial health at a quick glance.

Of course, while Xero is a fantastic solutions for SME’s, it is not necessarily designed for companies with 100+ staff, so you may wish to explore the accounting package FinancialForce, which is an accounting solution that is built on the Salesforce platform. FinancialForce offers a level of power and configurability that outshines the other tools, though it’s complexity makes it less appealing to companies with 25 staff or fewer. FinancialForce also offers vertical-specific packages, such as its Professional Services Automation.

And if this is not enough to get your finance department excited, then look out for the integration app for Crunch, another popular SaaS Accounting package, that is due to be released later this year, by William Cobbett, Salesforce Developer. Crunch has two unique features: its focus is UK only, and a subscription to Crunch includes professional services and the filing of annual returns.

Whatever approach you take, we wish you all the best as you integrate your systems and run your business more efficiently. And if you ever need an extra hand, or dedicated resources, we’re here to help you with your Salesforce staffing needs.

More information about the benefits of Breadwinner is available at breadwinnerhq.com.