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Is hybrid IT yesterday’s news?

Hybrid CloudHybrid IT systems is still set to lead the way throughout 2014, in how SME’s across the globe will be defining their IT systems. We are currently seeing many businesses already utilising hybrid technology, which incorporates a mixture of on-premise, hosted and cloud services, but it seems this set up with not be abating for the foreseeable future.

Instead, business are looking at ways of including even more services into this hybrid set up, such as; mobile apps and online collaboration services. It appears that ‘anything goes’, when it comes to meeting today’s business needs through IT systems. But, what challenges can the business expect to see?

For starters, security and governance are always going to be a challenge, and in this respect adopting a hybrid IT systems is going to be no different. The good news, is that cloud providers, mobile app and SaaS providers are investing huge sums into making their products and services as secure as possible.

As we see the globe shrink, from a commercial point of view, IT providers are even more aware that businesses expect their services to meet with local and global legislation. And thankfully, with the likes of the Cloud Industry Forum calling for strict regulations, we should see much tighter constraints in the future.  By using hybrid services, it enables SME’s to have tighter control over how they transmit data and store it , in a way that suits their compliance and governance needs.

But the biggest boost to hybrid systems comes from the fact that business are incorporating compatible cloud systems into their existing technology, in order to leverage the benefits of scalability, increased efficiency and cost savings, and with only 4% of SME’s saying they are unlikely to consider cloud technology in the future, it is clear that hybrid IT systems are far from being yesterdays news.