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Is Your Marketing Team Ready for A.I.?

In the technology world, it feels as though AI has become a natural part of the business landscape. Artificial Intelligence is in every conversation about relationship management, sales automation, and customer service management – but what does it mean to your marketing team? 

Like any professional in the quickly-evolving tech space, digital marketing stars need to stay ahead of the curve if they want to deliver exceptional results for your company. Today, this means understanding how machine learning, neural networks, and customer analysis play into the buyer journey.  

89% of marketers suggest that AI is ready to revolutionise marketing. The question for many technology organisations is whether they are prepared for the revolution. When used correctly, AI can help marketers to understand the people they’re speaking to and develop immersive experiences for buyers.  

So, how do you prepare your team to work alongside the machines? 


1. Do You Know Which Activities to Automate?


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One of the most significant advantages of AI in the marketing world is that it allows companies to automate specific tasks. For instance, if you have an AI system in place that immediately tells your marketing teams what kind of content is trending for your industry, then they can spend less time on competitor analysis and research.  

AI allows you to treat your hires as the innovators they are. This means letting them spend less time on tedious and repetitive tasks, and more time making the most of their skills. The question is, how do you decide which challenges need a human touch, and which issues you can leave to the robots? 

An excellent way to get started is to survey your marketing employees, asking them which tasks take up the most of their time, and what they might like help with. Automating activities like social media posts, or content curation means that your marketers spend more time creating real value for your organisation.

2. Do you Have the Right Artificial Intelligence Skills In-House?

An AI-ready marketing department needs the right skill sets to succeed. For some companies, this may mean hiring additional data scientists to get involved and support marketing professionals as they implement new AI-enabled strategies. For others, it might  mean providing existing marketers with additional training.  

The first step in making sure that you have the right skills for AI marketing is reaching out to a specialist recruitment agency. With the right recruitment group, you can even improve your chances of finding a candidate that’s both proficient in marketing and aware of the ever-growing nature of AI.  


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After that, it is about creating a culture of growth in your diverse, empowered workplace. Provide frequent training opportunities, allow AI-savvy individuals to mentor the marketers in your team, and give people the chance to visit Artificial Intelligence conferences and events.  


3. Do You Have Well-Defined Goals?

Goals are an essential part of any business strategy because they help you to determine whether you are heading in the right direction. When it comes to implementing AI in your marketing campaigns, your goals will also give guidance to the people in your staff.  

For instance, if your marketing team know that you are using AI for predictive analysis so that you can predict coming content trends, they can let you know whether you are getting ahead of the curve for your customers or not.  

With a goal in mind, it is also much easier for you to track the success of your staff. Just remember to implement a good strategy for communication too, so that your employees know whom they can go to when they need extra support accomplishing goals, or understanding your vision.  


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4.  Do You Know How to Organise Your People? 

Finally, implementing AI into the marketing process is not just about bringing new technology into the mix. For many companies, it will involve changing the way you think about marketing. AI makes marketing less campaign-focused and more about reacting to the evidence. This requires leaders to take a different approach to organising their teams.  

Managers who know how to appropriately delegate tasks, both to human employees and AI systems will see better results from their campaigns. Remember, even if it means adding more automation and analytics to your company, AI is not there to make a business feel less human.  

Audit your existing marketing strategy and find out where you can bring AI into the mix to improve results and boost productivity. Ultimately, artificial intelligence is not about replacing flesh-and-blood talent, but supplementing the marketing community with the support and context they need.    

For many businesses, the practical use of AI in marketing can be a powerful way to strengthen relationships with customers, and boost employee engagement. Marketers who can spend more time being creative and less time on repetitive tasks can drive conversions and leads for their employers. However, it is crucial for leaders to know how to efficiently introduce AI to the team.  


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