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It’s a cloudy start to 2014!

It might seem a bit early to be thinking of next year, but here at Resource On DemandCloud Technology Predictions (ROD), we are always looking to the future.

So, the team got together over a cup of team and a digestive biscuit. And after a friendly, but heated discussion, came up with their top picks for things to look out for in 2014.

This was their top five:

1. With the size of the mobile workforce set to triple over the next four years, our bets are on that we are likely to see more cloud Mobile Device Management Services and apps popping up, to ease the headache faced by enterprises across the globe.

2. HTML5 will be the go to mobile application platform of choice, as we see companies developing mobile apps that fit together to create larger applications, made easier with the enhanced performance of JavaScript.

3. Will Machine-Learning take centre stage? It is predicted that smart machines are expected to be the most disruptive force within the history of information technology.

4. Software Defined ‘X’ has already hit our awareness with Software Defined Networks and Storage, but during the next two years, expect to see more if it as Vendors take a stand to maintain their client base.

5. Hybrid cloud will be vital to businesses over the next few years, with the likes of Gartner stating that “Enterprises should design private cloud services with a hybrid future in mind and make sure future integration / interoperability is possible”.

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