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It’s all about the ‘Game Plan’

We love all things cloud, so it was only natural that we would choose to custom make our own talent tracker using Salesforce.com CRM. Here are our top tips that we would like to share for those considering their own implementation…whatever your chosen technology.

1. Have a Game Plan

Many projects fall at the first hurdle, due to lack of planning at the outset. Your first task should really be to bring all your key departments and personnel together to decide what your pain points, or current concerns are and what you are looking to achieve. Try to decide as a group, what are the processes that your organisation cannot do without, and those that would be a nice to have. This will help you to prioritise incremental parts of your project.

CRMIt helps to think of your business as a factory. What data is coming in? How does it need to be processed? What are the end results you are looking to achieve? Once you have agreed on this, you can then set about choosing the right implementation partner for your project. And whilst your chosen partner will be happy to help with all of the above, it is better to be singing from same hymn sheet to ensure you get the best from your very first meeting.

2. Build a Fan Club

Make sure that all the key-players within the organisation are fully on board with the project. But, going that step further and updating everyone on the progress of the project and obtaining their feedback wherever possible, will help them to understand the value of the new system and what it can bring to the business. Plus it will help later with user adoption if you have their support from the outset.

3. Consistently Monitor

It is very rare that an organisation will sign-off a project, without having even more ideas on how to improve their processes. And in many instances, it is only has your project is starting to realise its true potential that you will fully understand the capabilities of your new system. It is therefore essential, that you ask the departments to consistently monitor their processes to ensure they are meeting the original objectives and look for ways to improve it further, or make it even more user friendly.

4. Create a Knowledge Base

As creatures of habit we all fear change. Make sure that all the individuals in your organisation have ample access to training or knowledge about getting the best from the new system. Look at individuals and departmental weaknesses and strengths and play to these. Make sure that everyone has a voice about the project and that you listen and take on board their comments. After all, no factory will ever be a success if it doesn’t have the right machinery or people skilled enough to use it.  Good Luck and happy implementing!


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