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Marketers feeling pressure from Big Data

Big Data MarketingMarketers are set to feel the pinch this year, as a report last month, confirmed that around three quarters are coming under pressure to be more data driven, whilst more than half of them felt that data was under utilised.

It seems almost ironic, that marketers are usually the ones generating hype. Unfortunately for them, big data seems to be a whole new beast, which has seen many marketers scratching their heads in consternation, over the real facts about big data and what is just ‘buzz’. One thing is clear, that big data is going to be a key building-block when it comes to marketing strategies.

Here are our thoughts on why marketers should be embracing the challenges of big data:

1. Data management and distributed processes, will mean that marketers can work on the entirety of their database, which will increase their capabilities through customer segmentation, one-to-one and real-time marketing, whilst enabling them to work more rapidly and cost-effectively.

2. Analytics have always formed part of marketers repertoire, but big data analytics enables marketers to see data in a clearer and more actionable way, whilst opening up to a wider audience, thereby increasing its impact.

3. By combining multiple data sets, you see a more complete view, by allowing more overlaps. This is particularly important with branding exercises as it allows you to delve deeper into the motivations and thinking behind customers interactions with your products. From a monetisation point of view, it is worth big bucks in the consumer market.

4. Big data also allows marketers to target even more specific audiences, with messages that are relevant to them only, using the channels that they are familiar with.

5. By combining big data analytics with traditional methods, it enables companies to implement customer support and satisfaction initiatives into their marketing, which is proven to give a better ROI.

The role of the marketing department is changing, due largely to analytics. So instead of pushing a brand at a wide unknown audience, their can now engage their customer base in a much more personal and meaningful way.









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