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Never fear, enterprise mobile apps are here!!

HTML5 appsWhilst we recognise the importance of HTML5 for mobile apps, it seems that there are still some people far from convinced about it as a game changer…for the time being at least. Research by Forrester, shows that there are many reasons why HTML5 is still casting a shadow of doubt, in some minds. One of those being the sheer numbers and variety of devices on the market at the moment, which makes it a challenge for even the most seasoned app designer to be able to scale their app across many devices and screen sizes.

Some designers have even cited the fact that more time is lost in testing and fixing issues, which makes development using HTML5 alone, a longer and more labour intensive process. Not to mention that when the product does go to market, the response times are much slower on current mobile browsers. As a result, the uptake in using HTML5, as waned considerably over the last 6 months.

Even, if all goes well the sheer volume of free apps on the market, means that you might be waiting an incredibly long time to see some ROI from your mobile app. In 2013, the number of free apps was estimated at around 91%, but that is predicted to rise to around 94.5% by 2017, with the total number of downloads being in the region of 2.69bn. Therefore, in order to grab their share of the market, designers are going to have to be creative in their go-to-market strategy. Currently, the number one way people source mobile apps is via good recommendations from friends and colleagues.

But don’t fear, HTML5 will most certainly still have a place in our hearts, as the enterprise mobile app market is set to grow from $26bn to $53bn by 2017.