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Pathways to becoming a salesforce.com Developer

Are you interested in becoming a salesforce.com developer? Not sure what to do or where to go next?  Here’s the ROD guide to becoming a salesforce.com developer. If you have any questions just phone us on 020 8123 7769 or email us: rod@resourceondemand.com

What is a salesforce.com developer?

Developers are those within an organisation who can develop cloud applications, mainly through force.com.

What does a salesforce.com developer do?

Salesforce.com say:

First, take Building Applications with Force.com. You’ll learn how to design and build  applications with clicks, not code. This course is a must for understanding the basics and knowing how to choose the right development tools for every project. Then, follow up with the online course Analytics as a Service at your convenience, to learn all about reporting.

Next, take Force.com Code & Force.com Page Controllers. You’ll learn how to use our programming languages to expand your SaaS applications and create new ones. Follow up with the online course Managing Development with Force.com to learn about tools and best practices for application management in the cloud.

So what’s the difference between a Certified Developer and a Certified Advanced developer?

To become a Certified Developer you’ll need to take two courses:

1. Building Apps with Force.com

2. Analytics as a Service

To become a Certified Advanced Developer you’ll need to take two further courses:

1. Force.com code & force.com page controllers

2. Managing Development with force.com

How do I undertake this training?

We recommend the ‘Premier Success Plans’, these are designed around three key principles: Customer Success, Support, and Training. Highlights of these plans include providing best practice resource, release readiness programs, 24/7 phone and online support, unlimited access to the online Premier training catalogue and customisable training templates.

For more information on salesforce.com courses click here.

This seems expensive, do I really need to take these exams?

They do seem expensive to look at, but you have to view these courses as an investment in your career. Salesforce.com developers are in real demand, and the salaries offered are reflected in this.

To get a role with a reputable company you will need certification from salesforce.com and the cost of exams will soon be covered.

I’m ready. How do I get a job as a salesforce.com developer?

Resource on Demand are the original and best salesforce.com recruitment company in the UK, as such we have roles available in a number of leading companies, who either use or implement salesforce.com, in the UK and beyond. We’ll talk you through the steps needed (training; certification) and then help you to find a role ideal for you. We never fill a role just to tick a box, so you can be assured that we’ll find a role that suits you.

We need a salesforce.com developer, can you help?

We have a number of certified salesforce.com developers who are actively looking for a role in the cloud, as well as developers, architects, consultants and administrators. We would be happy to talk to you about your needs and then introduce you to some  candidates, who we feel would help to drive your company forward and suit you and your company.

Just phone us on 01322 272 532 or email us: rod@resourceondemand.com and one of our team will be happy to help.

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