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Pending data skills shortage

Finding the perfect data scientist is not an easy task – they must be skilled in a specific area, but also be approachable and have knowledge of both the handling of and data mining processes. skills shortageAccording to a recent survey around 31% of people said that data science skills are likely to outpace available talent, over the next few years. A good data science, for example is likely to have a background studying hard sciences, as well as possessing good statistical analysis, mathematics, programming abilities and being creative in testing out new theories.

With this in mind, the best source for finding the skills needed is likely to come from those who are currently studying Computer Science, whilst around only 12% of sourced talent is likely to come from people already working in the business intelligence profession.

Some of the biggest challenges facing data science adoption in many organisations is having the right skills and training, and of course the necessary resources and budget available. However, the impact of data science can see a return of investment, as data science leads to better decision making from a product and operational point of view.

One thing is clear that the original hype surrounding big data may be declining, but the challenges facing organisations in respecting to sourcing good data science skills continues to rise, and with it the level of salaries, which will inevitably affect the budget.