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Read for Success – Top 3 Time Management Books

Looking for ways of being more successful, but are wondering where to begin?  The biggest challenge people face is time management.  All too often we set out with good intentions, with a list of things to accomplish, only to find ourselves running out of time.  Below we have picked the top best reads for tips on time management.  Let the road to success start now…

The NEW One Minute ManagerThe New One Minute Manager

This is the latest release of the very popular original “The One Minute Manager” by author Ken Blanchard, which has sold over 18 million copies to date.  In this new revision, Blanchard has collaborated with international best selling author Spencer Johnson to focus on helping people discover simple ways they can be more productive, but without the stress.  This is a well written, very short book, but don’t underestimate it’s effectiveness in teaching us something new.

Who should read this book: For anyone aspiring to be a manager, is currently a manager, or manages managers then this is a fantastic read!

How do people rate this book: 5 stars by Amazon reviewers – buy this book now.


Getting Things Done: How to Achieve Stress-free ProductivityGetting things done

This is an incredibly well written book by David Allen and has become one of the most influential self-help guides available.  This book touches on how to effectively manage your workload through deferring or delegating task and helps you transform how you work to be more productive and efficient.

Who should read this book: For those who are feeling overwhelmed by the pressure and stress of work, or struggle to manage tasks effectively.

This book has been rated: 4.5 stars by Amazon reviewers – buy this book now.


How to be a productivity ninja

How to be a Productivity Ninja: Worry Less, Achieve More and Love What You Do

Most people aren’t very good at time management. But author Graham Allcott lets us in on some techniques about how to be as productive as a ninja.  This book is said to be a ‘fun, accessible and practical guide’ to staying calm and getting more done. And by following his practical guide,  you will learn to love work again.

Who should read this book: For those who often lose control and are a slave to the inbox.

This book has been rated: 4.5 stars by Amazon reviewers – buy this book now.

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