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SaaS Watch – the Software-as-a-Service recruitment stats

The Resource On Demand (ROD) team, have been beavering away over statistics and reports to bring you a snapshot of recruitment activity across the cloud industry, from the last 6 months. In particular, they have been looking at current live vacancies, the skills that have been in hot demand and salaries.

The statistics show that consultants, both functional and technical, have been top pickCloud Recruitment for hiring managers during 2014, with approximately 33% of all placements made this year, being for functional consultants. This trend is set to continue for at least the remainder of this year, as ROD confirmed that 55% of all live vacancies are aimed at consultants, with strong hands-on implementation experience. In contrast, supporting roles seem to be way down on the agenda for hiring managers, as we see less than 10% of roles, being for supporting positions.

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Salary Comparison

When it comes to salaries, it would seem that within the SaaS world technical architects, functional consultants, project managers and technical sales were way ahead of the pack with basic salaries ranging from £70,000 to £115,000, compared to £50,000 to £72,500 in 2013.

Yet, surprisingly, when ROD carried out a direct comparison of average basic salaries between functional consultants from across a variety of technologies, it would seem Salesforce.com skills was at the bottom end of the range at £45,000, whilst Workday was at the top end with £63,500, despite the top end salary for Salesforce.com consultants maxing out at £80,000.

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