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Salesforce 2018: A Year of Incredible Growth

Salesforce, the world’s biggest customer experience system, has seen tremendous growth over the last year.  

According to the latest financial reports from Salesforce, the company has doubled its number of customers at the $20-million spending level and attracted more than 40% of new hires outside of America, highlighting its mission to become an international brand. 

The company’s trajectory towards success is no surprise when you consider the rising importance placed on “CX.” According to a Walker study, experience will overtake product features and price as the key differentiator for brands by 2020. 

According to COO Keith Block, Salesforce is driving digital transformation, which means more opportunities for larger contracts, expanding teams, and bigger profits.  

Let’s look at why now is the ideal time to launch and grow your Salesforce career. 

Salesforce Expands Relationship with the UK 



Over the last year, various Salesforce announcements have proven the company’s commitment to expanding their UK presence. The Salesforce CRM is currently the number 1 tool in the UK, and according to Gartner, Salesforce is also among the three largest and fastest-growing vendors in the region. As the Salesforce ecosystem evolves, the opportunity for professional development is everywhere.  

Most recently, Salesforce promised to invest more than $2.5 billion over the next five years into the growth of its UK business. This will unlock countless job opportunity for technical professionals in the country. The company also recently opened its first European Innovation Centre in London, within the “Salesforce Tower.”  

As Marc Benioff, CEO said in a press release, this new investment perfectly positions Salesforce to support their customers, employees, and partners in the British market.  

Dreamforce 2018 Offers New Innovation 

Every year, the Dreamforce conference delivers new announcements and exciting innovations from the Salesforce brand. This year was no exception. Alongside new partnerships and technology developments, Salesforce also demonstrated their commitment to bridging the talent gap. The organisation is now offering new training platforms and educational solutions to employees and partners.  

Salesforce has evolved rapidly from a simple cloud CRM service into a platform with numerous sub-clouds and services. There are so many areas for staff to specialise in, from Commerce Cloud to Heroku and Marketing Cloud – and there are training opportunities for each of them.  

What’s more, the development of the new Customer 360 system will make it easier for team members to reconcile customer data through the Salesforce ecosystem, so employees can spend less time chasing down relevant information.  

Salesforce also used Dreamforce 2018 to discuss their acquisition of API integration vendor, MuleSoft. The MuleSoft platform will speed and simplify integration, allowing companies, employees, and contractors to make digital transformation simpler. Salesforce’s success with acquisitions like MuleSoft meant that the business could revise their “Total Available Market” (TAM) this year to $140 billion.  

Investing in Artificial Intelligence


During Dreamforce 2018, Salesforce also unveiled their plans with artificial intelligence and their “Einstein” systems. Einstein Voice will allow Salesforce experts with a focus on Big Data to get more useful information out of natural language interactions by logging sales by speaking, getting voice-driven dashboards, and more. 

Alternatively, Einstein Analytics plus gives developers the tools they need to brand and build their voice interaction bots, connect bots to Salesforce data, and support customers more efficiently through tools like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.  

Salesforce additionally revealed the delivery of a selection of previously-promised capabilities this year, including additional connectors to AI-based data preparation solutions, out-of-the-box app templates and more.  

Salesforce Partnerships for 2018 

Partnerships have always been a substantial part of the Salesforce business plan. Over the years, the connections that Salesforce has made based on their “Ohana” approach have opened endless opportunities for budding Salesforce consultants 

This year, Salesforce announced new partnerships with: 

  • Apple: The connection with Apple will give Salesforce the chance to offer new apps for iPads and iPhones. The two companies will also be working on developing the first software development kit for Apple’s Swift language.
  • Amazon: Salesforce expanded their global alliance with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This partnership will make it easier to manage secure data sharing within business spaces. The two companies will also provide reliable solutions for connecting AWS PrivateLink with the Salesforce platform.
  • IBM: IBM recently developed a new AI solution specifically for Salesforce, intended to give today’s agents the information they need to solve customer problems more rapidly from within the Salesforce service cloud. 

It’s Time to Launch Your Salesforce Career 



This year, Salesforce has proven that it’s not just the number one business for customer relationship and experience management. Salesforce is also one of the biggest opportunities around for employees in the technology and digital transformation space.  

As digital transformation and customer experience lead the way for the businesses of tomorrow, there will always be a call for people who can successfully traverse and leverage the Salesforce landscape. No other company in the world has ever been so focused on customer experience management. Maybe that’s why Salesforce predicts revenue of around $22 billion by 2022.  


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